The Professional, Review by Misha Shukla

I have finished reading my copy of “The Professional” and as promised, I thought of letting you know how I felt about it:

Frankly speaking, I read the book with an open mind – didn’t really have any particular expectations before reading.

The first thing that connected me to the 200+ pages of rich and varied experiences, was the definition of a Professional in the chapter “Burial of the dead”. A person who needs supervision is no professional …. This thought clicked with me instantly and it made my interest in the book even stronger. Mahadeva is the perfect example!

The sections on integrity are pretty hard hitting and straight. These, I think, will be the breaking point for a weak mind. When a person reads ahead from these sections, he/she only resolves to be more and more of a professional. While I personally found some of the chapters under integrity to be a bit preachy, I think there are many people who really need this dose of a reality check.

The small chapters that follow on self awareness are nice and east to read. I could identify with so many of them and then came another interesting one where I connected to the thought very closely again – WHITE SPACE. White space is the time I have to myself in my morning bus to office. In the bus, I am nowhere (not at office and not at home), with nobody (since there are very few people who get to office by this bus at that time in the morning), doing nothing and thinking about almost nothing. It is my most creative time; all my best ideas that worked came from this white space – this is when I read books; and write out thoughts like these!

As I read further, the pace of the book picks up with several gripping stories and thoughts. You have shared a lot of knowledge and instances to understand the various aspects of being a professional. I find it very interesting that there are many things in my life which are so close to all of these, that the book validates all of them. Some are done consciously and some not so consciously. The rich and varied experiences shared are very thought-inspiring. I especially like the simple and effective manner in which they are written.

This book really equips the contemporary worker with ideals and skills to be “A Professional”.

Maybe you should hold some interactive debate / lecture series on the topic and then go for a sequel to this book… this can become a much more intense version of the initial one.

Thanks for continuing to bring these experiences to us…

Misha Shukla
Delivery Manager, Managed Services (AIS)
Fujitsu Consulting India Private Limited


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