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Speech delivered by Subroto Bagchi, co-founder of Mindtree and Chairman Odisha Skill Development Authority, at the 76th Annual Conference of Opthalmological Society of India at Coimbatore

My father came to Odisha from Bihar in search of work.My mother, came as a young bride from Bengal.My father worked all his life as a small time, state government official.My early childhood memory is mostly about moving from place to place as his transfer orders came every now and then.His work life was entirely lived in the far flung, tribal areas of the State.Our homes were lit with kerosene lamps, water fetched from community wells at a distance.My mother cooked on firewood from an earthen chulah.Our life was frugal.The family sat, ate and slept on the floor.But ours was a life of contentment; it didn’ t ever feel poor or deprived. It was because how our parents raised us.Joy has little to do with money.I think, it has a lot to do with purpose, values and sharing.Give me those and I can live with very little.Give me all the material wellbeing but take away purpose, values and sharing, nothing any longer becomes worthwhile. Continue reading

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Subroto Bagchi: The Moral Dilemma

With no regard for ethics, Indians may well succeed, but India will not. Is that what we want?

The Man: Up until March, when he was made the chairman of MindTree, Subroto Bagchi had one of the coolest job titles in the whole of IT industry—gardener. His role was to
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