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"Zen Garden" was born. In it, every fortnight I meet an unusual entrepreneur who shares with me the tales of the journey for my readers.

It is time to share something all of you would love to know.

Forbes India Magazine - Cover

Forbes – the internationally acclaimed business magazine now has an India edition. It was launched in Mumbai last month. From the content and design of the first two issues on stand, it has clearly set a new benchmark in business journalism in India for sure. Who is editing it? Indrajit Gupta, the man who gave me Arbor Mentis and Times of Mind in my past lives; these were columns that many of you still remember.

Indrajit has been after me for more than a year to write something very different. Now, between my work at Mindtree, the travel it entails, and a new Penguin book coming in September, it has really been a packed time. So, I tried my best to fend him off. But he would have none of that. So, I finally gave in. And “Zen Garden” was born. In it, every fortnight I meet an unusual entrepreneur who shares with me the tales of the journey for my readers.

The first issue has featured VG Siddhartha of Café Coffee Day, the second one features Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales and soon on the stands, you will find Ritesh Sidhwani…

You can read past and the future editions at

Zen Garden section of Enterprise in Forbes India magazine

So, save the bookmarkand let me know what you think.

Geetha Manichandar Says
Thursday June 18th 2009

Dear Subrotoda,

Have loved spending time – reading and commenting – in your Beautiful Zen Garden. Look forward to many, many more such wondrous moments of reflection.

And I have also loved spreading the word about this new business magazine and your very informative and interesting articles on unusual entrepreneurs in it!.

You took us to the world of delightful coffee, knowledge explosion and now movies……looks like a lot can happen in Zen Garden! But then, with you being the Gardener there, that is surely expected!

Absolutely delighted to know that we will have your new book in September this year.

Thanks and regards,


Geetha Manichandar Says
Thursday June 18th 2009

Hi Lubna,

Thanks a ton for telling me about Zen Garden in the first place!

Warm regards,


Lubna Says
Saturday June 20th 2009

Dear Subroto,
Thank you for sharing your experiences at Cicada, I hope to go visit it some day soon.
As the Maggi (?) ketchup ad, used to say: It is different. Well, this tag line certainly applies to Forbes India. It is a very interesting and different magazine, with articles that are properly researched and written well. I am so glad you are writing for it. I am looking forward to their third edition, which should be out any moment.
Zen Garden is a very interesting concept. We will all love to read your column. Happy writing.

harsha Says
Thursday June 25th 2009

Dear Subroto,

Every column that you have come up with has moved and influenced many of us. The Zen garden is an inspiring and much needed approach to allow us to connect to many of the entrepreneurs we dream to converse with.

Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed every post in the Zen Garden column and look forward to seek strength and inspiration from many more beautiful people that you will carefully choose and share with us.

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