Video Introduction

Video Introduction

Pradip Kumar Ghosh Says
Wednesday July 30th 2008

song of subhomita was good. i like to see this type of song on your site regularly.

Jayakumar Says
Saturday August 23rd 2008

Dear Subroto,

I am so glad to see your blog and thoughts about ‘Go Kiss the world’. I was present in the Crossword book release function and had an opportunity to listen to you about GKTW. I am confident that this blog would act as a great platform to for people like me to interact with you. I have compiled my thoughts about the book in my blog at :


Asesh Datta Says
Sunday August 31st 2008

Hello Mr Subroto Bagchi,
I came to mind tree after I heard about it in the forenoon from a retired colleague of mine. Actually, it is he who mentioned about your coined words ‘GKTW’. More so the background what mother tells to a sons as a parting bliss.
Actually I am feeling why I am late to come to your site. That is another route. Your gardener identification yourself perfectly matches with many of our own deep inner feeling of ourselves.
We are all ‘a-lone’ and not ‘lonely’. We can elaborate on this more in another point. But doe it not initiate a spark in our thoughts?
What a interesting set of videos you have collected in your site. What touched me a lot is Mahatma’s 5 mins talk on ‘God-the ultimate ruler’. May be I took the privilege of defining myself the talk. Self doubt. Your IIM B’lore talk was provoking me that there are so much similarity in our thoughts over experience.
‘Forgive’ ourselves is actually ‘for give’ only. Most of us make that ‘for get’ ting. To receive. A simple understanding is ‘Keep your eyes and ear open’. In fact according to Gandhi keep all your 5 senses open. Even that may not actually provide the complete truth that is hidden. That is your value olso on ‘receiving’.
Actually, this is the place I find the least number of comments or feedback since your posting on June 16,2008. Today is August 31, 2008. This is 3rd. But there is so much to receive through this single post. But why only 12facets. You had made a post on 13 key lessons. May be the 13th one is the most lucky one. Allow me to state in a simple words “be humble and simple but with a stick.” Again another time to elaborate.
We have a new icon “Abhinav Bindra”. I do not know him personally, but every time I see him, it inspires me. It is all 99% sweat and 1% luck”, Honda’s words. But what inspires me most, is also the same for most of us. Inspiritation comes from the courage derives out of a failure. ‘Dare to Fail’ is another book I had read written by some South East Asian, but picked up from’ Amazon’ through web shop. But the message is so DTW (Down to earth).
‘Give me a rod and a place to stand and I shall move the earth’, a ever inspiring quote of Archimedes (may not be correct. Self doubt). Inspiration is so internal but derived from an external input translated in to a belief and value. ‘Kiss the World’ is a huge act of inspiration. But “Go’ is the key. That is the verb, an act for action. Where is the motive Action or motivation. Again, a professor in Administrative Staff College of India taught us a decade back. So it is all wine in different containers.
What I request is the role of gardener is all sweat with laws of nature. Harness the earth, kiss the mother earth for a lovely garden. But who is the author of the bigger garden, the uni-verse’. The bunch of flowers as a unit is the universe.
How to motivate the tremendous manpower strength of this world? Idea strength- in nano unit of energy to think and give. A human being needs so many conditions to channelize this thinking power. That is where the so called ‘brilliance’ will spark. The young needs the experience of failure in words, but does it provide the ultimate energy as a spider starts remaking the web every time the earlier one breaks.
I read another article and a site ‘Birth India’. Will any amount of talk or reading will give a mother the experience of labor prior to a natural child birth. What a fascinating thought. Still the ‘Go’ing is reverse. As the article said.
I appreciated the last video of the prelude to “GKTW”. It must motivate us to read about you. But will it make me to “Go’?
I am sure that I can comment after reading your book. Can I buy from your site?
Great thoughts. Thanks for giving time to go through (even if, it is not you)
Theory U is a book you recommended in Bangalore. I picked up also.
Thanks once again
Asesh Datta

Friday September 12th 2008

Dear Mr Subrato Bagchi,
In your book GKTW you have captured the two important things of a person who has come from not very supportive background and growing up with lot of siblings, how you are attached, yet detached , how a persons determination and chances he takes in life and owns the consequences of the decisions, the differentiator being ones determination to work for himself , the family, company and whole community of world to go kiss the world , which is more relevant in today’s open economies and geographies..

Friday September 12th 2008

Dear Mr Subrato Bagchi,
I would like you to lead the transition of common people about whom you who write so much observing simplest of things..whoever has determination to come up in life , with defnite plans for their own self imporvement , where return on investment for their social well being is very high..

I mean an orgnisation in micro banking, micro insurance, networking these unorganised people for work and standardising their units of service etc..

There is also another huge opportunity towards creating customer supported business enterprises , one step forward from employee owned organisations,.like a shop, a bank, healthcare, schools, residentail units with the transferancy and management created by them.. Would love to have your views on this..I am banker with 15 Years of experince in banking 3 years in agriculture after my MBA from a University in Karnataka

Sunday September 14th 2008

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

Your talk at my company last week was truly amazing and very inspiring. I would like to,sometime in the future, get hold of the books that you had mentioned, including the ones that you have written and read them. They are probably one of the few books that I classify as ‘management/self-help funda’ that I am actually interested to read and all thanks to your talk. I am grateful to you to take the time off and come to our office that day. I have also blogged about this talk that you gave at I respect your privary and that of your thoughts and in case you feel that I shouldn’t be writing any of what I have written or I have conveyed any of your thoughts in a wrong way, then please let me know and I will correct that immediately.

Best Regards,

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