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As my car was entering the MindTree campus yesterday, I saw a motorcycle coming right behind me. In the rear view mirror I could see the two young riders wearing the MindTree badge. But they did not wear helmets. As they were about to overtake my car, I signalled them to pull up.  Instinctively, the two knew what was coming and without my asking, said sorry. I asked them why they were saying sorry to me. No answer. Then I asked the one driving the bike, how many siblings he has.

“I am the only child”, he said very sheepishly.

“If something went wrong, who would be there to say sorry to your parents?” No answer.

In India, every year 120,000 people die and 12, 70,000 sustain serious injuries due to road traffic accidents.

According to estimates, there is 1 death on the Indian road every 6 minutes. This is a conservative estimate because many deaths occur post discharge. We have 1% of the world’s vehicular population but 9% of death due to road accidents. Even per conservative estimates, death due to road accidents in India is twice as high as death due to HIV AIDS, Cholera and Malaria put together.

To all my dear young blog followers, please wear the seat belt each time you take out the car and on the bike, please wear the helmet, even as you may ride pillion.


Ashok Soota and I go back a long time, close to 25 years!

Thought for Today - Ashok Soota with Subroto Bagchi, Courtesy Forbes India

Ashok Soota with Subroto Bagchi, Courtesy Forbes India

I have worked in his business unit at Wipro for 10 long years, though not directly with him. When that time and the opportunity did come, I got bumped to Chairman Azim Premji’s office instead.

Then of course, in 1999, we co-founded MindTree with eight others. And finally, I got a chance to report to him as the COO of the company.

In the quarter century of knowing him, I have always looked up to him as a role model, a mentor, captain of the ship and lighthouse in hours of darkness and turbulence. That is how a year ago, when he published his intent to move on from MindTree, it wasn’t easy.

I always tell my leaders, there is never a good time to say goodbye to a good man. This one was worse. It was wrenching. For him, and for us.

Steve Jobs said you can only connect the dots looking at the past. Someday, maybe we will.

For now, Ashok has his start-up to run and we have to take MindTree beyond where he took us. Only that would be a tribute to the man.

In the meantime though, men must find a reason to meet.

To know more about that, please go pick up the Forbes India edition due to hit the stand coming weekend.

Ramesh Says
Friday February 17th 2012

The post on safety is after my heart. The most dangerous place in the world is not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Congo, but the Indian road. So many preventable tragedies happen that it makes us despair. My suggestion is that every person applying for a licence must be forced to spend one day in the neurology ward of any hospital. After that he will not take chances with safety.

Sandeep Says
Friday February 17th 2012

Ironically enough, yesterday sitting at Kalpavriksha, attending the Open house session I raised the same concern. As I see it, we do have the best policies and process, and a very good intention, but are we willing to follow those policies strictly even when we might loose revenue because of that?

E.g. Can we stop allowing anyone(MindTree employee) entering global village without helmets?

    Taj Says
    Thursday March 8th 2012

    I believe global village is more safer than bangalore-mysore highway :) So no need for such rules inside the campus, which I believe would be the impact of what you are prposing (though inadvertantly)

Geetha Says
Friday February 17th 2012

Thank you, Gardener, for ‘Sharing’ your ‘Learning’ thoughts with us! This post spells ‘CLASS’ especially when you talk about ‘Caring’ and Personal & ‘Social Responsibility’ which can lead to ‘Achieving’ a lot together!

Looking forward to reading about the ‘Beautiful Minds Meet’ in Zen Garden.

Lubna Says
Friday February 17th 2012

Have you noticed little kids being carted to school on the pillon? I learnt, that no helmets for little kids are available. Isn’t that sad? There are parents who have no choice but to take their kids on their bikes/ scooters without a helmet. Perhaps in the good old days, one model of a scooter (maybe Bajaj – I don’t really know) used to be manufactured with a side carrier, which perhaps was safer. I don’t see such scooters anymore.

Akash Mohapatra Says
Wednesday February 22nd 2012

Showing your concern for someone’s safety is really eyeopening for others. In the present world & especially In India, Safety can’t be a personal choice. Because, the consequence we see is multifarious.Somebody’s ignorance would be very costly to life of others. Intervention is always needed wherever & whatever we can.

Bhim Says
Wednesday March 14th 2012

I’m not a Mind Tree employee but a big follower of Dr. Subroto Bagchi. This happened after I read some of his books like ‘Go kiss the world’ and ‘The Professional’.

My take is that not many people bother to wear helmets in our country or follow traffic rules beacuse there are no strict punishments for the violaters of the rules. Look at peeing people on the road. it’s so shameful but we see it everyday.

What we need is strong law enforcement agency and hefty fines. This will go a long way to reduce deaths due to road accidents.

B K Gupta Says
Sunday April 1st 2012

I have just finished reading two beautiful books- Go Kiss the World and The Professional.
The author Mr Subroto Bagchi has impacted my mind a great deal. He is genuine in sharing his views and vicissitudes of Life.He motivates without having any palpable design to do so.
I have become a fan of You Mr Bagchi. You are out and out simple in your approach and yet so powerful.You are worth emulation by all those who aspire to impact lives on the Planet.
B K Gupta
Motivation Guru

Monday April 2nd 2012

My proverb:
“If you think your brain is worth even one paisa, wear helmet”

Omprakash Mall
“Mr. Bagchi, we met at bbsr airport on 31st March-2012”

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