The Professional Companion

It is really heartening to see how “The Professional” has found its way into so many hearts. I was speaking to Mumbai Police the other day on a completely different subject when, during question and answer session, young IPS officers quoted from the book and asked for clarifications! Then, I was in Germany and Netherlands, at the WHU business school in Koblenzand at The NyenrodeUniversiteit in Amsterdam where I taught portions of the book to international MBA students. The book has been translated into many languages and I am grateful that it is serving its purpose.

Yet none of that made my publisher Udayan Mitra at Penguin a happy man.

Ever since the book first came out in 2009, he has been after me. “You have to write a workbook so that professionals can actually see how they measure up against the ideas presented in the book. What people need, is a workbook that they can use at their own pace.”

The Professional CompanionI had never written a workbook in my life and was rather reluctant because it is a very different kind of effort. One has to understand the basics of instructional design, step into the minds of intending users and then come out with exercises that open up their minds to greater learning and absorption. But finally I gave in to Udayan because he made me feel I have not fully finished my work. Along the way, I sought help from friends who teach and train extensively. These included Prof Sumita Raghuram from State College, Pennsylvania, Professor Gautam Rajkhowa from University of Chester and Lu Ellen Schafer of Global Savvy. Thanks to them and many others who laboured with me, “The Professional Companion” will be on the stands by the middle of next month. The twenty chapters of the workbook will put the user through real-life situations; they will encourage critical questioning and build reflective awareness for a professional.

On a more expansive note, the holiday season has begun. Between now and the end of December, we have some of the nicest festivities across all religions and in every part the world. I wish you and your loved ones great days ahead.

Preetham Bharadwaj Says
Sunday October 21st 2012

Dear Bagchi sir, Glad to Know about “The Professional Companion”. Your writings since the first book, benefitted young aspirants as well professionals to a greater extent. Eagerly look forward for the book on the stands! Best Wishes

Sunil Phade Says
Monday October 22nd 2012

Waiting for the book to hit the stands.

Anmol Agarwal Says
Monday October 22nd 2012

Dear Sir,
Looking forward for this Book, and I am sure it will be as practical approach for Business Mgmt as your earlier Books.
Anmol Agarwal

Tuesday October 23rd 2012

Workbook sounds interesting! Your work is encouraging! Sometimes I feel that there are two Subrotos. One working at MindTree and the other writing continuously! :-)

Madhushri.R.M Says
Tuesday October 30th 2012

Hello sir, Nice workbook,please send a copy of this book. My

Pranav Gadgil Says
Tuesday November 27th 2012

Hello Mr.Bagchi,

I have read your book ‘Go kiss the world’ and ‘The professional’. I have a small request, Can I get your e-mail ID. I just want to let you know what I learnt from your book and seriously trying to implement it.

Milind Desai Says
Sunday January 13th 2013

The Professional Companion,apart from helping
you with developing your skills at the Workplace,can also play an important role in managing your personal and social life
better !

jabir Says
Thursday February 7th 2013

sir. i read the translation of your book ‘the professional’ in malayalam.
it is great……may god bless you

Tuesday April 23rd 2013

Dear sir,
Thank you for the your yet another nice book.It is nicely drafted which reflect your deep desire for the welfare of all.You have stated in ERRATA that diagram on page 185 is inaccurate and the corrected one is on the website am unable to find the same on website.Pl advice

Manoj jabin Says
Tuesday May 21st 2013

Hi Sir,
Have read all your books so far. Had great learning and enriching experience. Please keep up the good work.


indresh sharma Says
Friday June 21st 2013

Hi Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I am reading your ‘The Professional’ book. This is very helpful for me. Would like to say Thank you for the same. Also, would like to have your advice on what other books I need to read, which will help me in my professional life.

Harish K. Ahuja Says
Thursday July 4th 2013

Could you, please email me the correct diagram of fishbone analysis of parent-student-school-teacher.

Thanking you.

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