The Professional – Book Launch, 30th September 2009

Thank you all for your affectionate wishes, your encouragement and I look forward to your critique when the book is in your hands. Meanwhile, tell your friends not to buy a pirated copy!

The long wait is over.

Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Sons, clearly the most iconic professional figure in our midst, will launch the book in Mumbai on September 30th at the Taj Mahal Hotel at 7:00 PM.

For those of you in Bangalore, I will do a book reading at the Crossword on Residency Road at 6:30 PM on Tuesday the 6th October.

And for my readers in the North, I will come by to the India Habitat Center on Thursday the 8th October.

I am looking at a visit to the east later in the year.

Thank you all for your affectionate wishes, your encouragement and I look forward to your critique when the book is in your hands.

Meanwhile, tell your friends not to buy a pirated copy!

Ashok Patnaik Says
Saturday September 19th 2009

Subroto, having read your earlier two books and almost all your articles, I am eagerly waiting for your new book, The Professional. Wish I could meet you in Delhi on 8th Oct, but afraid I may be out of station.
Best of Luck.

Jayakumar Says
Monday September 21st 2009

Dear Subroto,

Received the book yesterday, shipped by Indiaplaza, and completed 50% of the book. I was reading till 4 AM this morning. I found ‘The professional’ is different from your previous books in two different ways:

#1. The book is structured with multiple small articles or what I call as ‘digests’ which makes it easier to read for folks who are not avid book readers. I could compare this style with “Success Vs Joy” by Geet Sethi, which had profound impact on readers.

#2. The professional is more of a ‘generic’ book than High Performance Entrepreneur and Go Kiss the world. As you have rightly mentioned, this serves a list of tools for 21st century professionals.

It’s been a great read so far. Thanks for taking time off between your busy schedule to write this wonderful book. It really requires a BIG HEART to share your learning with a wider audience.

Warm Regards,

Vivek Kedia Says
Monday September 21st 2009

Hi Subroto,

The lessons learnt from Go Kiss the World are all fresh in my mind because every lesson was coupled with an incident. I am more focused now in whatever I do and a big “THANK U” for that.

I am looking forward to the release of ‘The Professional’. And, what to say about the occasion; Sir Ratan Tata’s presence will be an added enrichment, besides book itself. I cannot afford to miss that moment. I hope I am there.


Thursday September 24th 2009

Dear Mr. Bagchi

I am a big fan of yours. My acquaintance started with your speech to students that came through mail. Even since, I have been following all your articles in Businessworld and other publications, whenever I could lay my hands on. I have got all your previous books. In High-Performance Entrepreneur, I got to know how a company is made (not just created). In Go Kiss the World, I learnt about your humble beginnings. I already have The Professional and looking forward to learning from your wisdom and also awaiting your book launch in Chennai.

Best regards
K. Venkatesh

KS Raja Rajasekar Says
Friday September 25th 2009

Dear Sir,

I have been keeping track of the release date of your new Book The Professional, and possessed the book about 10 days back and completed it (Thanks to Indiaplaza), I must profoundly thank you for sharing all that what makes a true Professional and the entire gamut of things which you discussed was so amazing, especially the one on Integrity and very rightly put as the 1st Chapter. This will remarkably be a book that will change the way the new generation perceive to be a professional and will alter their thinking, thereby creating a professional culture that becomes the culture of the Country in large (I liked the chapter which speaks about the culture of Japan and the behavior of every citizen in the country and what lasting impressions they leave with every one they connect with and the Pride they take in whatever they do – truly amazing.).

This is one of the valuable asset that I will pass on to my son, who is just 2 years now, once he grows up. This book is truly a need of the hour, not just for the budding professionals but for every professional in every field.

This book has entirely transformed my thinking and my behavior and will consciously live the values that you had mentioned for being a True Professional.

Thanks for this wonderful work; I shall look forward to your visit to Chennai to take an autograph on my proud possession.



Girija Hegde Says
Tuesday September 29th 2009

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on your new book. I am a fan of your writings and talks. If you can remember, I had translated your speech ‘A prayer to the teacher’ into Kannada and it was published in a local newspaper.

Madurai Srinivasan Says
Tuesday September 29th 2009

Dear Subroto Bagchi,
I was blessed to read all your 3 Books and it was really an eye opener. After my completion, I have one question in my mind which I would like to ask you. What is your comment on Faith, Destiny & Karma?
Madurai Srinivasan

    Mansoor Says
    Friday December 7th 2012

    that my book could not be had on campus beaucse it had the banned symbol of a skull and crossbones on it. The book was A General History of Pyrates (full title: A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates) written by a Captain Charles Johnson (a pseudonym). I refused to remove the book, but I was still astounded at the disquieting state of the public school system here including the same school’s habit of yanking all the kids out of class, lining them up in the parking lot for an hour or more, while they went down the row to determine who was acceptable in the manner of their dress, and who was not, and those non-conformist youths were subsequently punished by being banned from the school’s society. Some things never change.

Irwin Says
Tuesday October 6th 2009

The story line on the Madheva has touched me, as i have lived in the lanes of victoia hospitals, i my self seen the how the unclamed bodies were moved as a child i was there for almost 15 years of my childhood, i wonder how you got to know about madheva, it just wonder full that you observe the tiny things which are round us, as i am not a good at reading the thick books still i am inspired to buy your book for a good reading thanks a lot i felt every word you have written as i used to see those as regular pratice.

Tuesday October 13th 2009

Hi Subroto,
I grabbed your new book at the first opportunity and started reading over the weekend. I have been following your writing since your Arber Mentis days with Business World. And have enjoyed your writing since then.
I am sorry but I am disappointed by the latest book “The Professional”. Some how Shiv Khera’s “You can win” kept popping up in my mind when I was reading your latest write. Perhaps my perception but that’s how I felt.
“Go kiss the world” remains my favourite read. I wish you all the best for future writing.


    Galih Says
    Monday July 14th 2014

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Bharat Togarrathi Says
Wednesday October 14th 2009

Dear Mr.Bagchi,

I’ve started reading “The Professional” and found it very useful for everyone irrespective of the industry or profession. I’ve been reading your columns since long and still have some paper cuttings.

You appealed in the end not to buy pirated copies. However please try to get your books paper back edition quickly. Obviously that costs less than hard bound. Infact i’ve been waiting for ‘Go kiss the world’ paper back since long. I bought the professional as i couldn’t resist the tempatation to read it.

Thanks for a nice book.


Bharat Togarrathi.

Srini Says
Wednesday October 21st 2009

Dear Sir,

First let me congratulate you on your new book “The Professional” and secondly, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom with us. I have purchased the book and read it completely from cover to cover. I really like the way you discussed some of the important topics like ‘Managing Complexity’ especially about “logic or emotion?”,”Three level of knowledge”.


abinas kumar yerra Says
Monday June 13th 2011

Dear sir,

i read your book completely and realy it’s not simple a book,a spritual book for all professionals, it realy shaped my career and my thoughts about my job,i got a new & respective place among my friends and in office also.i think those words in your book are golden and novelic type which every person should understand and impliment in their life. thank u sir for this….

Tuesday May 7th 2013

Excellent issues altogether, you just received a brand new reader. What may you suggest about your post that you simply made some days in the past? Any sure?

Wednesday July 3rd 2013

i need a copy of your book. pls send me details!

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