The Professional

"The Professional" took me a lot of energy to conceptualize, write, edit, revise and finally to make it ready to go to Press. My editor at Penguin, Sumitra Srinivasan says that I have poured myself out in this book and I believe her.

All of you will be glad to know that my next book “The Professional” is ready for release in September as a Penguin Portfolio publication.
After “The High Performance Entrepreneur” and “Go Kiss the World“, this is the third of what I intended to be a trilogy.

All of you who have been part of this blog are in reality the very first people to see the cover of the book. So, here it is:

The Professional - Book Cover

In this book, I am devoting myself to answering the one seminal question: What does it take to be considered a true professional in any field?
This book delves into the essential qualities, beyond just professional qualifications, that are needed to be called a 21st Century Professional.

“The Professional” has been endorsed by Ram Guha, author of “India After Gandhi” and Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka. I hope that The Professional will appeal to a wide cross-section of readers from those in corporate employment to a cross-section of self-employed professionals who want to stand out.

“The Professional” took me a lot of energy to conceptualize, write, edit, revise and finally to make it ready to go to Press. My editor at Penguin, Sumitra Srinivasan says that I have poured myself out in this book and I believe her.

I hope all of you will soon get a copy of The Professional and one day, let me have your thoughts on it.

Nitin Rao Says
Monday August 3rd 2009

Promises to be a great read, look forward to being able to buy a copy soon.

Ram Says
Monday August 3rd 2009

I am sanguine the third will be as profound as the first two. Looking forward to read it as soon as it hits the stands.


Hrithik Says
Tuesday August 4th 2009

Well… Of course I cant wait for it.

Can we please have some excerpts from it, September now seems too far. :)


Tuesday August 4th 2009

Nice! Can’t wait…

Amol Says
Wednesday August 5th 2009

We are waiting for Professional to arrive at our nearest bookstore and go through it. All the best and thank you for one more gift to your readers. :)

Wednesday August 5th 2009

HI Subroto,
Delighted to know that your next marterpiece will hit the stands in September. I do look forward to grabbing a copy and enjoying reading it…. thanks for sharing this good news! Mali

Vijay. M Says
Wednesday August 5th 2009

Hi Subroto,
I am Vijay, a former MindTree Mind. When your second book “Go Kiss The World” was about to be released, I asked about it in one our MindTree open house at the Coromandel Office in Chennai. You were really amazed to know that I was following your words.

I really liked “Go Kiss the World” and made everybody in my family to read that book and get the best out of it. Everybody loved it!

And here again your third book is about to released; but now I am not in MindTree, I am doing my MBA at BIM, Trichy. I will definitely read “The Professional” and give my feedback. It will help me when I again become a professional after my MBA.


Vivek Silla Says
Friday August 7th 2009

Hello Bagchi Babu,

“Go Kiss the World” is one of my favorites. Not sure how many times have i read it. I keep reading it whenever i feel low or face any major issue in professional life. Whenever i come across a difficult situation, i try to place myself in your shoes and evaluate various options that you would have done in such a scenario.

In short, I am a complete fan of yours and am proud to treat you as one of my role models.

I have been strongly recommending GKTW to all my contacts.
Hereby extending my sincere thanks for writing such an amazing book because of which several others are benefiting from your experience.

I am sure Professional would be equally good if not more and would have rich collection of nuggets of knowledge and professional tips.

Eagerly looking forward for Professional.

It would be my pleasure to catch up with you sometime.


Gurudatta Says
Friday August 7th 2009

Dear Sir,

I would be eagerly looking forward for the release of the book. I hope it helps me to understand this same question i keep asking myself most of the times.

I have always wondered that as part of a professional organization, all of us want to contribute towards its progress, but still on many occassions the results are marginal… and it ends me questioning myself what does it take to be a true professional so that we can all get our acts together….

Its indeed a great pleasure to have had you write such books right from the High Performing Enterpreneur… to Go Kiss the World, your books inspire us to Go & Kiss the World :)

Finally, in the current economic situation i think your book will provide the boost to many professionals to rethink their approach to work…


Nisrin Says
Sunday August 9th 2009

Dear Mr. Bagchi,
My cousin has since long been raving about your books and your columns. While visiting her, I happened to read both your previous books and got addicted to this blog (even as we continue to have tiffs about using her computer). I am sure this book will be just as inspirational and we (the entire family) are looking forward to reading it.

Monday August 10th 2009

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

As anyone who commented here, I am great admirer of your columns and books. What really inspired me into a management and technology career was your speech in iTalent 2005, Chennai. I was a green horn B.E student in the audience. Now part of an IIM.

Shyam Krishna

Chandra Says
Wednesday August 12th 2009

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

Waiting to get one copy for me. I waited for more than 2 months for your last book “GO KISS THE WORLD” after release. Hope i would not wait this time. I am great admirer of your columns & books.

Jitesh Takkar Says
Monday August 17th 2009

Dear Mr. Bagchi
I have read your book “GO KISS THE WORLD”, missed on getting a signed copy of yours. The book not only describes you as a professional full of values but also illustrates the fact that leaders are not created but born.

Waiting eagerly for youir next release and hope to get a signed copy this time.

Debabrata Says
Tuesday August 18th 2009

Dear Mr. Bagchi.. I read both of your previous books and totally inspired by your thoughts. I think, I have made a regular habit of reading ‘The High Performance Entrepreneur” and Go kiss the world on almost every month.. I salute you for the wonderful work that you have been doing. I am eagerly waiting for your thrid book…

Jagan Says
Wednesday August 19th 2009

Hello Subroto,

This sure is going to be an interesting reading and defintely lots of learning too. I am looking forward to read yet another wonderful insight into your experience Suborto.


Deepti Says
Sunday August 30th 2009

Hi, I know I lack this important quality to read.. I find it a bit difficult to devote time in the midst of other responsibilities of work, home and a small child. But thanks to all of you who have commented here to inspire me to read all the three editions framed by Subroto sir.
Thanks Sir for your amazing contribution to the effort to make our lives a success.

SS Says
Tuesday September 1st 2009

Hello Mr.Bagchi

Go kiss the world is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. I read it repeatedly and loved it every single time. I am really looking forward to reading your new book. Will you be going on a book tour sometime soon? Do publish your schedule for it. It would be a previlege to meet you in person and have my copy of the book signed:)

Friday September 18th 2009

Dear Sir,

Like all the other folks on this page who have been following you religiously, through the two bibles that you published and on Zen Garden, we are really looking forward to your third book. Can’t wait to flip through the pages, with occasional tears in our eyes and goosebumps!

You’ve inspired us, influenced us, transformed us in the ‘high performance’ way, made us cry, made us proud – please don’t make us wait.

R. Sridhar Says
Thursday November 19th 2009

Dear Sir,

I am currently reading “The Professional.” Mahadeva’s story is truly inspiring.
The section on “Many shades of grey” made me wonder how readers will understand your reference to the Kanchi Case.
Your comment “In India.. until the Kanchi seer left the people questioning the power of institutions to clarify values, to protect and heal us.” seems like The Shankaracharyas are guilty. It is unfortunate because I assume that was not your point.
As a devotee of the Kanchi Mutt I have been following the case keenly. It makes one wonder how easy it is to demolish an old much revered institution when three forces – the government, the police and media join hands in the campaign.
It will take years of ‘professional conduct’ by the Acharyas to get Kanchi Mutt back to its original status.

Sunday May 4th 2014

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your
efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thanks once

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