Technical Oversight

Dear Friends,

This is to offer my profound apologies that a lot of spam has reached those of you who subscribe to my blog. I cannot tell you how sorry I am. It seems this has been going on for a while and had it not been for friend Prashant Mehra, I would have never known. How I wish one of you would have pulled me up much earlier!

Due to a technical oversight, whenever any changes (and not just a fresh post) were made, like a quote or something similar, it got pushed to your mailbox. Additionally, I am told, you got mails with links included from social media websites especially Digg.

My team is looking into a permanent fix for this. Meanwhile, if you had any other irritating experience with the blog, please notify me.

Once again, I am very sorry for what you have endured all this time.

I will resume writing for you very soon.

Subroto Bagchi

Kesiraju Subramanyam Says
Saturday April 21st 2012

Respected Sir,
I do not know about the above. Ever since I read your book “The Professional” I became your fan. Not only that, I have recommended your books my sons. Also I recommended to few company libraries and to many young engineers.

M.K.Joshi Says
Tuesday April 24th 2012

Dear Sir,
MBA AT 16 has turned out be excellent one.You have inpired Old and Youth alike.
You have rather oversimplified complex things in to simple ways.
Ex KV Principal
Aged 69

Faruk Says
Wednesday April 25th 2012

Dear Sir,

One thing i always still learning from others, today from you.

“Our Acceptance is, taking us to one step forward!”

I am a smart fan of you :)


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