It is a great moment for India because an Indian has risen to the highest technical appointment in the history of the Indian IT industry. Of course, Satya is to be celebrated as a global technology citizen before being an Indian. Becoming Microsoft CEO is one of the most coveted and most challenging jobs in the world.

The world is seeing technology advancements, discontinuities and new challengers. In that context, these are interesting times for Microsoft and Satya has his job cut out for him. We wish him our very best. What a great start for 2014!

As an Indian I feel proud beyond words. We will all learn from Satya how he steers a great company that is at crossroads, to its rightful place in history. I think he brings quiet credibility and a great leadership style and we wish him the very best.


Pankaj Says
Wednesday February 5th 2014

It is proud moment for every young blood from India those who having very High aspiration.

Manoj Says
Sunday February 9th 2014

I agree it is an endorsement of talent and the Indian gene pool. But pride is not for us, but the Americans who have a better eye for talent. We have many more miles to go. It may be great to see a true “Indian” who continues to hold an Indian passport and has worked significantly in India, being poached for such a job. Till then, envy and a bit of self realisation may be appropriate.

chan Says
Monday March 3rd 2014

I think it is not correct to say he is an Indian (anymore). He is of Indian origin but is a US citizen now. Still enough reason for all of us (Indians) to feel proud about!

Tuesday March 18th 2014

Indian passport or not, it is still a proud day for India and Indians. Our management talent is now going to be visible more and more on the world stage, and deservedly so. Cheers!

Tapan Mozumdar Says
Sunday April 6th 2014

Hello Sir. I am from ITC and for an internal managers conference on 15th at ITC Gardenia, we will be glad to hear from you on the subject of ownership. We find that to be an important agenda for taking our new organisation to the next level.

mohan Says
Friday April 11th 2014

A ery good article . Satya rocks

sukhdev kumar Says
Wednesday May 21st 2014

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Monday October 19th 2015

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Monday October 19th 2015

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