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We have always built our facilities with a lot of affection and I am looking forward to the new ones coming up in Hyderabad and Bangalore. For those of you who have never been to a MindTree facility, here is a short tour.

The last three months at MindTree have been very hectic. We started our 12th year with a new chairman,Albert Hieronimus. He was Bosch’s chairman in India, has been on our Board as a lead independent director since 2007. Albert is an outstanding professional who has lived in India for many years.Now of course, he lives in Germany but travels to Bangalore quite frequently. He is an outspoken individual with a fine business sense and great affection for India in general and Bangalore in particular.

Albert Hieronimus

The first quarter of the year is the time we usually go around meeting MindTree Minds to communicate the results of the past year and discuss plans for the year ahead. So, Krishna Kumar (co-founder and CEO, MindTree) and I have been travelling a lot to various places and that included a three week trip to the US where we had meetings with MindTree Minds, customers and a briefing with a room full of industry analysts in Boston. From what I see in all these interactions, the market looks good and I get the feeling that it is the time to invest and grow and prepare for the years ahead. On our part, we are getting ready to welcome 1800 new entrants from various engineering colleges this year; we are adding 750,000 square feet of additional facility in preparation for the future. We have always built our facilities with a lot of affection and I am looking forward to the new ones coming up in Hyderabad and Bangalore. For those of you who have never been to a MindTree facility, here is a short tour. Building a Memorable Company

The ProfessionalThese have been busy months on the writing front as well. Last week, a revised edition of The Professional by Penguin Portfolio in the US started shipping. I am glad to share the new cover design with all of you. As you can see it, it has come out very well. The book has been endorsed by Bob Burg (Author of the best-selling book Go Giver) who has said rather wonderful things about it. Others to endorse it include Professors Vijay Govindarajan and David Yoffie. Early trade reviews look good. The international launch has given me the chance to revise the current manuscript and a few new chapters have found their place in the book now. In bringing out the international edition, it has been an amazing experience to work with my two American editors, Brooke Carrey and Jacquelynn Burke. Each time I have interacted with the two ladies, I have come back learning something new. The Professional would soon also be available in two Chinese editions as well.

Meanwhile, Go Kiss the World will be released in India as an audio book. So, for those of your friends who can’t read, tell them to listen to the audio version! The audiobook is being brought to you by a wonderful team of two entrepreneurs – Jay Zende and Jayashree Easwaran who have co-founded Bookstalk after giving up their respective jobs in the ITES industry. Remarkable people and I hope they do really well. Jay is an MBA from IIM Calcutta and Jayashree is a chartered accountant. Very passionate about their work, the two were persuasive enough to make me read the book for them. I am not sure I want to but they tell me people will be fine listening to me for 6 hours. Read more about Jayashree and Jay in this MINT article.

On the Zen Garden front, there is a great piece of news as well. A few days back, I had a long, intense conversation with Aamir Khan on a wide range of subjects. So, keep reading Forbes India and look for Aamir in a future issue. The interview with Aamir Khan promises to be one of the best ever on the pages of Zen Garden for sure.

Before I sign off, I must tell you what is coming up next! It will be a post about my personal tryst with sustainability. In this enchanted story, you will meet three very unusual, young entrepreneurs; the kind that tell you there is hope for the country.

So until then, enjoy the monsoon. I did, with a short holiday to watch the clouds break over the backwaters of Kerala. Lens came along and was mighty pleased. We stayed at the Taj Kumarakom and here are a few pictures from Lens.

Waterway Inside the Taj

Waterway Inside the Taj

Water Lilies and Lotus greeting the rain

Water Lilies and Lotus greeting the rain

Matriarch catching up with the world

Matriarch catching up with the world

Little Girl waiting to bathe in the canal

Little Girl waiting to bathe in the canal

The Taj

The Taj

Rice Boat on the lake

Rice Boat on the lake

Wednesday July 20th 2011

All the best to the mindtreeminds for Mindtree 2.00, Will love to read professional 2.00

Warm Regards,


Akash Mohapatra Says
Thursday July 21st 2011

Awesome picture from the real world. Waiting for the new guest in Zen Garden. Thanks for the update & All the Best for the mind tree ventures.

Akash Mohapatra

Monish Says
Friday July 22nd 2011

Nice article and lovely photographs, really liked the candid “Little Girl…” photograph.

GIrish Says
Monday July 25th 2011

Hi Subroto sir,

Really very nice article, I am very much curious to read your next article in Zen Garden.

Thanks a lot..

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  • prabhuswamy,d.m. Says
    Saturday August 13th 2011

    very nice article,sir.
    we will listen to audio version og kissing world

    Atir Says
    Thursday October 13th 2011

    Hi Sir,
    Im glad that i have your book Go kiss the world under my Audiobooks catalogue at I am an ex mindtree employee, and having passion for audiobooks ,i started my venture. Audio Books have recently started being explored in Indian Market. People have adopted this trend for a better learning experience. AudioBooksVilla is a step towards spreading the charm of audiobooks in India.

    Eliz Says
    Saturday August 22nd 2015

    Hi Priti,Thank you so much for the award.Yeh , I like awards, that is to say I love to be reeembermd, but shouldn’t be compulsive to send me an award. Any ways thanks a ton for the award. Do send me your entry for the Non-veggie recipe event on my blog.

    Dalton Says
    Thursday August 11th 2016

    La couleur est vraiment superbe.Je suis blonde avec une couleur qui se rapproche de la tienne, j’ai lu ton article en me demandant quel pouvait être le prix de cette merveille , mais là 700 Euros cela m’effraie un peu .Les devis sont-ils gratuits ? Si c’est le cas je pense que j’irais faire un tour pour savoir à quoi m&eotus;aqtendrr.

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