My Talk at NIMHANS

Those of you who have read “Go Kiss The World” would remember the story of my father’s mental illness and how he and the family dealt with it. On February 1, I was invited to address the doctors, staff and students of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore on the occasion of their Foundation Day Celebrations. NIMHANS is deemed an institute of national importance by an act of Parliament. It is an internationally respected place of research and treatment in both neurosciences and mental health.

Going to NIMHANS was a pilgrimage for me. I was overcome with many emotions and remembered my father’s periodic treatment at a mental hospital. The occasion asked for thanksgiving and here is a copy of my speech for you. If you like, send it to someone whose family is dealing with a mental health issue.

Download a copy of the speech from this link.

Akash Mohapatra Says
Tuesday March 5th 2013

Very inspiring talk. I feel that in our society still it is a social stigma to discuss openly on these issues. More awareness on various kind of mental conditions which are abnormal in nature on clinical & behavioral psychology point of view & identifying the same for right treatment can bring lot of changes in our society. I welcome heartily Mr.Bagchi for addressing a less talked issue having big importance to our society.

Akash Mohapatra,
Rajgangpur, Odisha.

raamanathan Says
Saturday March 9th 2013

what a speech sirji, spell bound, thank you for continuously inspiring us

Monaj Says
Saturday March 9th 2013

Thanks for sharing the emotional speech which took shape in apt & touching words.

Krishnakumar Says
Thursday April 11th 2013

Sir… overwhelmed with emotions…what a way to conclude ” Yours is a life of purpose ahead of a life of pursuit”… Inspiring

Friday April 12th 2013

Your speech moved me to tears. I have gone through the pains of seeing someone near and dear suffering. You have rightly emphasized on the need for awareness – and in what an innovative way – through fiction! Your mother’s story itself is one such great story of an unsung hero.

Prem Kamble
Author of “God in Two Minutes”(Amazon)

Friday April 12th 2013

Awesome sir, beyond words to explain how do i feel. Inspired and moved by your speech.

Chitra Says
Wednesday April 17th 2013

Dear Sir,

Few months back, when I was bedridden with cocyx bone fracture, I did not have any choice apart from reading your book “Go Kiss the world”. This book was brought by my friend from his organisation library. After reading this book, I became your fan. I wanted to read more books but could’nt find time. Time and destiny again made me bed ridden with fracture in my hand, and this time I was happy, since I got time to read your book “The Professional”. Your books are always inspiring and leaves a strong message for individuals to carry. Hope to get bed ridden once again to read one more book of yours:-). This speech brought back the memories of “Go kiss the world” and made me very emotional.

Neville Says
Tuesday April 23rd 2013

Dear Subroto – You write straight from the heart and that is what connects you to your readers.

A very well written (I’m sure hearing it must have been even better) and touching piece.

Thanks for sharing.

Wednesday May 1st 2013

Dear Mr. Bagchi
The more I read your mind, the more moved I am. To me you are The Outreacher. Coming from a community that has maintained over the ages an inexplicable divorce with enterprise…you have lived your mother’s advice and reached out and kissed the world.I think someday you ought to talk to Bengal’s youth caught in the morass of petty politics, a ruptured ambition and fatal resignation.

As a voice artiste, my first introduction to you was when I did the narration for your book, MBA at 16. Needless to say, I enjoyed attempting to capture the nuances of the narrative…the drama of the situations and the characters. As a father of an 18 year old daughter, I forgot during recording sessions that I was doing a job…I got so sucked in by the unprecedented scope of this work of fiction. Inspiring that your Go Kiss the World is or sagacious that The professional is…I find MBA at 16 very though provoking for parents…and fascinating for young adults.
Keep writing Mr. Bagchi, we will all be a little wiser for it.
By the way if do get to lay your hands on the MBA at 16 audio book and manage to listen in, I would be keen and glad to get your feedback.

Shobana Says
Wednesday May 22nd 2013

What a speech!! Amazing.. Wish I were there in person to hear it..

Thursday June 6th 2013

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

I would like to get in touch with you on behalf of our organisation Basic Needs India (an NGO resource group in ‘community mental health and development’) with our office in Bangalore and operations in several states.I am involved at both ‘heart and mind level’ in this concern. Reading your address to NIMHANS group, impels me to get in touch with you,

Mani Kalliath MBBS, MPH

Manoj Says
Monday September 9th 2013

What a speech! Words from the heart.

Jaydev Das Says
Wednesday September 25th 2013

hello Sir, it was as refreshing as a morning walk which I skipped today to read this. You thoughts are reaching me through your speech, thanks for being honest in your approach which is a great quality of any human on earth. wanted to send you few books by Manoj Das, eminent writer from odisha based out of Pondicherry. Hope you know him. Pls share your address

Krishna Raj Says
Sunday October 13th 2013

Dear Mr Bagchi
I have a family member with BPD and understand the travails of a care taker. Thanks for such an inspiring speech.

Krishna Raj

samir n mishra Says
Monday January 6th 2014

Your beautiful words brought tears to my eyes. Go on kissing the world. God bless.

ashutosh Says
Tuesday April 28th 2015

moving speech

Rekha Says
Friday September 4th 2015

This is to.infirm.u abt Dr netravati who works at nimhans hospital.she is a bitch.she is nit born to a single father. May her only daughter die with cancer.she is not a doc she is prostitute. She is such a nuisance.she did wrong diagnose of my daughter. She told the nimhans radiologist report is wrong.. She blaming her own.institutions where she works.I think she has a fake nimhans is tolerating her can’t understand. She throws tantrums.. She is very proud abuses the patients. Her degree should be sacked..

Tuesday May 10th 2016

Nimhans is one of the worst hospital in the world, if we go there we will become a mad,
& the doctors are useless,,,i never seen the this kind of worst hospital ever, see doctors romancing & time passing with nurses,,, see one of third class doctor Raghavendra new OPD block screen no F1 THAT BULLSHITT FELlOW patiants are waiting outside this fellow inside romancing with nurse, i think his not borned with one father, his borned with N number of mental fathers,, fuck his family, he didnt see at my nephew(patiant)& his conclude the result that no solution for this one you can continue the same madiciane what private docter hij sujjesting… fuck his total family with N number of mentals………& no body seniory docters in NIMHANS they all gone for Honeymoon,,, hopeless fellows,, i dnt know who is the directer, if he hets i will hit with ladies sleeper, no proper management,,,, nothing, they treating patients are like dogs…………………..please iam sujjesting no one go to NIMHANS,,,,,iam requesting to Govt Please close this hospital,, dont cheat the publick or else shot all the docters,,,,,,,,,,,,fuck

Subramanya Says
Saturday July 9th 2016

I agree with BN Patil, 15 days back we experienced it.. Don’t trust this hospital for any emergency
They will not attend the patient but they will ask u to go some other hospital..
They are not the doctors, they will not understand the condition it’s really pathetic facility

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