MBA at 16 Book Launch

Last Saturday, MBA at 16 was formally launched in Bangalore by my young friends from the National Public Schools. It was a wonderful evening, sans the usual boring stuff that go with book launches.

Arundhati and Jagadish Raja Felicitated by the StudentsThe credit largely goes to Arundhati and Jagadish Raja, celebrated thespians and founder of Jagriti Theatre. They worked with the students for a few days prior to prepare them for a dramatized presentation of the book. I am thrilled because the students got to work with these two great artists and learn a few things first-hand from them. It was humbling to see how involved both Arundhati and Jagadish were. In addition, they pulled in young actor Rebecca to help the students put up their performance.

Come the day of the launch, Jagriti theatre was packed to capacity. There were proud parents of the 31 students, aunts and uncles and a few grannies too. The evening started with a quick word from Arundhati and then publisher Udayan Mitra of Penguin. Then came the really interesting part; 8 of the 31 students who had been part of “Business with Bagchi” last year, spoke about their experiences and read their favourite part of the book. I did a short question and answer session with parents and the wonderful surprise was the presence of Dr. Bindu Hari, Vice chairman of NPS institutions who made a spontaneous speech to tell everyone how pleased she was. Later, Jagadish Raja thanked everyone and we all had tea and snacks.

Post launch, the book has done quite well, thanks to very encouraging response from buyers. It is already No. 2 in Business Standard’s Best Seller List. It is also “Book of the Month” at Crosswords and MM, the airport stores chain. Book reviews have started coming in and I will post them for you as they do; meanwhile, please enjoy the launch photographs and I hope you have been able to get your hands, on a copy already.

Jagadish Raja

Jagadish Raja

Arundati Raja

Arundati Raja

Dr. Bindu Hari

Dr. Bindu Hari

A packed Jagriti Theatre

A packed Jagriti Theatre

Serious Preparation

Serious Preparation

Arundhati Raja rehearsing the students for the big day

Arundhati Raja rehearsing the students for the big day

Megha Harish reading from the book

Megha Harish reading from the book

A group picture with the NPS students

A group picture with the NPS students

Students from NPS

Book reading by the students

Sesu Says
Friday May 4th 2012

Eager to read your book. You have been my source of inspiration. I do follow your words of wisdom from your various books. It is engraved in my heart and soul. Next month I am going to open my first store to begin an epic journey. Thanks a lot for your wonderful writings. May you live long with so much of peace,happiness and good health.

Lubna Says
Friday May 4th 2012

I can’t spot the doggie who was to act as Cyber. Please please put up his photograph if he was there.

Sumanth S Naik Says
Friday May 4th 2012

Sir ,i have read the book .MBA at 16.Cleared many of my doubts regarding MBA the kind of work they do…nice one

Shantanu Says
Friday May 4th 2012


Many congrats for giving birth to the 4th Inspiration.Indeed, it was an unique way of launching a Book. I stay in Mumbai and desire to attend one of your session and listen to you. Would request you, if any such Business Seminars can be arranged in Mumbai. Looking forward to hear you atleast once and get to experience the inspiration.
Yes,I am waiting to become an MBA at 16 this weekend!!! God Bless You.


Saturday May 5th 2012

Inspiring to see commitment from a professional who has reached pinnacle of his career and still giving time for youth! Thank you!

Lu Ellen Says
Saturday May 5th 2012

The future is now a better place.

Rupam Sarmah Says
Wednesday May 9th 2012

Respected sir,

Due regards from far off Assam. It was an excellent journey which you cared to take us through, through your book. It was extremely beneficial for me as I am conceptualizing my own company. Our concept is innovative and havent been implemented by anyone before. So many thanks for guiding us beutifuly with your wondeful creation.

Ramapriya Says
Saturday May 12th 2012

Can’t wait to read this, the title itself makes one curious. will buy this for my son who is 16 going on 17. thanks.

Satish Kumar Says
Monday May 14th 2012

Many more thanks for such a nice Book. Very realistic, Informative, Interesting, full of inspiration. Must read book for Youngster!!!!

Raj Dave Says
Tuesday May 22nd 2012


First of all, Congratulations on such a wonderful venture for the teenagers of India. It was extremely essential !

On another note, we, at the Entrepreneurship Cell VNIT, have taken up a very similar initiative, where we wish to spread the basic ideas of Business, Equity Markets and Financial Management to schools students, as we firmly believe that in the coming years, it will be quintessential for almost every teen to “fetch for himself”.

We would love to get in touch with you regarding the same.

With regards,
Raj Dave

Shantanu Das Says
Friday June 1st 2012

Sir, thouh belated, but still a good wish should not be time bounded..
Wish you Many many Happy returns of the day and may God keep as wise and Jovial as ever.Can’t send you any gifts but its a small token of love and Thanks to you for changing our insights..Thanks Sir.

Your Admirer,

Ramanjaneyulu Says
Saturday July 14th 2012

Dear Subroto Bagchi:

I loved reading your books and continue reading further.

You are a very very sensible writer. I like to give an example, which I admired when I read Go and Kiss the world.

You wrote “Dondorama is our domestic help”. I felt delighted to see the word maid or servant is not used. Instead, you chose domestic help. Conveying the message without disrespecting.



Saturday August 4th 2012

i am a great fan of your books and yes MBA can be done at any age group. thanks for the great post..

Saturday September 8th 2012

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

I have just (bought and) read this book. I bought it only because it is written by you, because I had earlier (bought and) read Go Kiss the World and Entrepreneurs and liked them. The beauty of your writing is that you show how the western management concepts apply to the Indian conditions, how they are relevant. I am a good advertising chap and spoke about your books to many. I also (bought and) gave away copies of your books to many entrepreneurs and business persons. I have liked this book too. It would certainly catch the interest of the 10 -12 standard students and even older ones (like me) will also find it useful. Great work! And many many thanks. Keep writing.

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