It’s Not About You

I came to know of Bob Burg for the first time when my younger daughter Niti gave me his book, curiously titled, “Go Giver”.

“Go Getter”, I knew. But Go Giver?  Never heard of that one before! With that in the backdrop, when my editor at Penguin, Brooke Carey, asked me if I would review Bob Burg’s forthcoming book, I immediately agreed.
It's Not About You
Bob and his co-author John David Mann write a new genre we can term, “management fable”.

The manuscript arrived in a few days but that was when MindTree was in the midst of a major convulsion last year. It was a stressful time, strife ridden for everyone involved. Not a time, you want to read anything at all. But the manuscript in front of me asked to be read. Its caption said, “It’s Not About You: A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business”.  So I started reading.

Subroto with Bob BurgFor the next two or three days, I could not put it back. Not because of the story and the narration and the simple messages, but together, the book had a calming effect on me.  Set as the story of an M&A executive, on an assignment to take over and integrate a family business who finds himself in the throes of a personal transformation process, it is very different from the usual management books we pick up, many contemptuously called “airport books” by management school teachers. This one is very different.

“It’s Not About You” was released in the US a few weeks ago. I am sure we would soon see it in India. Do pick up a copy and read.

You will love the story and it’s beautifully rendered message.

Bob Burg Says
Tuesday November 15th 2011

What a tremendous honor to have John David Mann’s and my book reviewed in your blog, and in such a kind and positive way. Thank you so very much for your very thoughtful words. I’m so glad you found the book to be of sufficient value to share with your readers. With Gratitude – Bob

Thursday December 29th 2011

Wow…at first The Go Giver is self sound very interesting. I will definitely pickup this book and share my thoughts on the same.

Thank you Mr. Bagchi for recommending this book.

Ravish Jhala.

Saturday January 21st 2012

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

You are making a such a positive difference in so many lives daily through Mindtree, your books and blogs. I have gifted many copies of ” The Professional” to the people I felt who needed to read it. ” High Performance Entrepreneur” and ” Go! Kiss the world” helped me take a plunge and start my own successful venture.

I hope to pick up ” Go Giver” and ” It’s not about you soon”.

Thanks for making a difference to my life.

Warm regards,

Sunil Sapra

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