I am beginning to dream

Yet she knew he had come. But she also knew that for a long time, she would not be able to say anything. She would not be able to ask him anything. Ask what?

She is young, beautiful and just two years into her profession as a software engineer at MindTree. Born into a middle-class family of a scientist from Kerala, she has been living by herself in the bustling city of Bangalore. Her world revolved around her work, her family and of course the hope of building a future for herself with her fiancé – a handsome young man from Assam. They had met through friends. He also happens to be in the Information Technology industry, temporarily on a long-term assignment to the United States. Life could not have been more beautiful; full of hope for someone like her who could ask for little else. Then last week, everything changed.
It happened when she was returning from work, riding home on one of the many Volvo buses plying the city. As she was about to step out of the bus when her stop came, the door inadvertently closed in on her due to driver-error and in a moment, her body was pulled under, the wheels of the bus went over her knees, completely crushing the left leg. In that horrible moment of excruciating pain, she lay screaming under the weight of the bus. People stood around, in shocked inaction. A young woman got down from the bus to see what had happened; she summoned the courage to get people to pull her out from under the bus and then brought her to a hospital for emergency care. The attending doctors realized that the injury was severe and they rushed her to a super-speciality hospital where a series of emergency operations were conducted. Among the many critical procedures, doctors tried to repair the vessels supplying blood to the lower parts of leg so that blood supply could reach the extremities without which there was the danger of gangrene setting in. Unfortunately, the effort did not succeed. The knees had been completely crushed. The devastated parents and a few other relatives came rushing. As she kept her struggle on, a decision had to be taken to amputate the leg without which there could be a serious risk to her life. Time was running out. Finally, everyone consented that the left leg must be amputated above her knees. There was no other way.
The inevitability of that decision will take a lifetime to sink in. Her life has changed forever.
When her fiancé heard about the accident, he rushed back to Bangalore. She was in critical care, alternating between sets of life-saving equipment in the ICU and the multiple trips to the operation theatre under heavy dosage of cocktail anti-biotic and morphine to numb her entire consciousness.
Yet she knew he had come.
But she also knew that for a long time, she would not be able to say anything.
She would not be able to ask him anything.
Ask what?


After a couple of days of the accident, I met the young man in my office. With the amputation, the series of plastic surgeries that would follow, the management of pain, the trauma, then the slow process of her rehab and finally getting to use a prosthetic leg to gradually return to the world, it would be one long-haul. He in the meantime, had come to discuss about the formalities related to her employment insurance; issues like who would pay how much and what all needed to get done so that she could get the best care possible. After meeting with my colleagues, he had dropped by to see me. It was clear from his demeanour that he had come back to take charge. As I was talking to him, I could not but admire the courage, the character and the commitment. It was her life. It was his too. If he would have been “practical”, probably even she would understand.
As we parted after the meeting, I shook his hand and I looked into his young, resolute and immensely powerful eyes.
“I admire you“, I told him. He knew what I was talking about.
There was a moment of silence. Then he spoke.
“Nothing changes for me” he said with the firmness of a mountain. I watched him leave.
I know it is going to be another long haul for the one still in the hospital as I write my blog but for now, and for her, I am beginning to dream.

Aniruddha Says
Monday February 15th 2010

A truly inspiring and touching message, Mr. Bagchi. I believe that the world still survives because there are many people like the young man you have written about. The positive energy such people radiate makes the world a livable place. Otherwise, it would really be a wasteland.
My best wishes go out to the young couple. I hope they are able to rebuild their lives and come out stronger.

Neeraj Says
Monday February 15th 2010

The story touches deep inside us.. kudos to the young man.

    hemanth Says
    Monday January 3rd 2011

    Kudos from my side also to that young man

Viswanath Says
Monday February 15th 2010

Love is commitment

Monday February 15th 2010

Dear Subroto,

Really nice one. People who celebrated V-Day yesterday should read this and understand.

Thanks and regards,

radhakrishnan r Says
Monday February 15th 2010

dear brother
life is like that only and accidents do happen unexpectedly
it is situations like these that bring out the real man in everybody
kudos for the young man and prayers for the lady
with love
r radhakrishnan

Debashis Says
Monday February 15th 2010

This is inspiring and heart warming. The message has been clear to me – Living with love and care. Thank you sir for sharing your thoughts.

Loving Regards

Subbu Says
Monday February 15th 2010

I feel very sorry for the young lady.. I believe she will come over this with the help of her fiance. I would like to appreciate the boy for his attitude.. My Prayers For Her Speedy Recovery.

shweta Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

I appreciate the spirit of the young man, God may bless them.
Wish a great success. Let her recover fast.

RM Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

Young man showed character.

The girl too must be something special to have someone like him.

radhakrishnan r Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

nice and requires to be emulated by others as well

Vivek Singh Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

“Practical” is the term you have used and in inverted commas. That has made me to cross my fingers while I join you in your dream.

sumathi Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

Hi Sir,

I subscribed to your blogs after listening to your talk in iimb last Saturday. I felt so inspired that i thought whether i work for Mindtree or not, i need to get in touch with you once a while to feel your goodness and greatness that is gushing out.

Having survived a RTA which killed my colleague, while returning from work, am just praying for courage to accept things that i can not change and her health and happiness.

God bless you

Tuesday February 16th 2010

What a brave man he was. Hats off!! Also, Thank You for narrating a true story and that too so brilliantly.

Raji Hari Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

Dear Sir,

Love is the greatest virtue of the heart and sincerity is the greatest virtue of the mind and when the heart and mind together have brought out its very best, we have an individual like the young man here. True love comes quietly without any banners or flashing lights. A girl who chose such a man can have nothing but the greatest of determination, courage and will to continue building her dreams. Your note will reach millons whose prayers in turn will show its magic on her.I pray for her speedy recovery.

Rams Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

Good one Ji…

Ravindra Kumar Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

I am a friend of the affected family. I and many of my colleagues were deeply saddened by the turn of events in their otherwise beautiful life.
Some things and events in life do not look real. I was deeply moved by your blog and the boys commitment and care. I am beginning to feel that so called hope is real.
I understand that MindTree is doing everything at its command to help the family in its most difficult phase. My appreciation has grown many folds towards your company and the management.

    Geetha Says
    Thursday April 15th 2010

    Wonder whether Mr.Dev Patnaik had MindTree in mind when he wrote the book, “Wired to Care: How Companies Prosper When They Create Widespread Empathy”.

    Wishing for MindTree’s phenomenal growth and prosperity. Shubho Nobo Borsho to all the MindTree Minds!

Vijay. M Says
Tuesday February 16th 2010

A truly remarkable story of love, affection and being there when needed!

Girish Gadamsetty Says
Wednesday February 17th 2010

Really sad! The journey is not going to be an easy one for our mindtree mind but certainly not tough either…thanks to her fiance…a person with such high values and more importantly in love with her…true love. I wish all the very best to the couple.

Sonik Says
Wednesday February 17th 2010


Thanks for sharing. These are the true heroes or should I say humans of these times.

And you have added a few hundred to the recuperating couples family through your blog.

Wednesday February 17th 2010

“It was her life. It was his too. If he would have been “practical”, probably even she would understand.”

Now that what I call strength of character. My best wishes to both of them.

Riaz Says
Wednesday February 17th 2010

One day my senior Kirti took me to her home on the outstirts of Nagpur. I was astonished to see the sheer beauty of the cottage in which her parents were living. Two bedroom,on the bank of Kolar river with a beautifully manicured garden, was the home for Rtd.Lt.Col. Saran and his wife, since both the children were in hostel. When Mrs Saran was making tea, then only I realised that she cant see. Nothing great about this part but the next 2 informations took my breath away.
1. Mrs. Saran lost her sight before marriage.
2. It was her idea to get this cottage done.

I just looked at Lt. Col. SAran and I saw in his eyes the same sentence ‘Nothing changed for me’

This was Nov. 1979

    Geetha Says
    Thursday April 15th 2010

    Both Lt.Col.Saran and his wife are absolutely awe-inspiring.

    My humble and reverential salutations to them.

Nandan Says
Wednesday February 17th 2010

Bow !!

zafar Says
Wednesday February 17th 2010

Subroto, That post really packed some punch.. but I disagree. A lot will change for that guy.. and their dreams have been dented in a big way. I have quite a few couple-friends who are regularly apart because he has to pursue that big project in the US. She is often wary, but having so much sehen-shakti, gives in. Her dreams are often quite simple. A small home, flowers and happiness.
Maybe the accident would not have happened if they had opted for less money and more love..

Deeksha Singh Says
Wednesday February 17th 2010

When a man is known to make the nastiest of excuses to betray the woman he committed to, this man did not desert his lady. Such unconditional love and commitment in the face of worst odds? What a divine soul! What a man! A real one too! He has proved that the difference that makes no difference should make no difference. He proved love people, use things. Not vice-versa. God bless them both.
In the existence of good men, I am beginning to believe.

Meena Bhattacharya Srinivasan Says
Wednesday February 17th 2010

I am absolutely amazed at your power to look through people so incisively.
It appears to me as if you have this wonderful capability to locate courage, strength of character ,resoluteness of purpose and live one’s own life by conviction of his own beliefs ..in people when you meet them in your day to day life.
The power of this appreciation is aptly etched in you latest book
“The Professional”

Kudos !! I simply loved reading it.
Its bouncy readability was so endearing that I felt you were talking to me as we took a leisurely walk.

Will wait for more pearls of wisdom.

Geetha Says
Thursday February 18th 2010

“One positive dream is more powerful than a thousand negative realities.” So, as the Harlem Renaissance poet, Langston Hughes said, let’s:

“Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die,
Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go,
Life is a barren field frozen with snow.”

Praying for your young and beautiful colleague’s speedy recovery.


Syed Mujahid Says
Thursday February 18th 2010

Dear Subroto, though its very sad to hear what happened to the lady in the conversation, i would say that she is lucky to have a understanding and unconditionally loving life partner. This will give her strength to fight all the odds of her life. let all of us pray to god to give her all the strength and courage to lead her life happily.

Suneet Says
Thursday February 18th 2010

No words…just HATS OFF!

chockalingam Says
Sunday February 21st 2010

Hi Subroto,

Iam an ardent follower of this blog which has been a great inspiration for me. After reading “Iam begining to dream for her” this blog. I was literally driven away by the commitment he holds for their relationship. Human relationship must always be known by their values. I too will pray for the girl’s wellness. But for sure “She will be back with the bang in her Life”.

Manish Kalia Says
Tuesday February 23rd 2010

Dear Sir

It makes me wonder how we take life for granted without realizing how lucky we are.At times adversity brings the best out of us..it makes us realize how much strength we have within ourselves and how big a difference our resolve and determination can make.Wish if we could use same energies during our day to day life and not having a misfortune of an adversity making us realize our true potential..really admire the courage and the strength of the boy – “Nothing changes for me” which means he has been living his life this way..adversities do not have any impact on him..


Manish Kalia Says
Tuesday February 23rd 2010

Dear Sir

It makes me wonder how we take life for granted without realizing how lucky we are.At times,adversity brings the best out of us.It makes us realize how much strength we have within ourselves and how big a difference our resolve and determination can make.Wish if we could use same energies during our day to day life and not having a misfortune of an adversity making us realize our true potential..really admire the courage and the strength of the boy – “Nothing changes for me” which means he has been living life this way..adversities do not have any impact on him..


Ragesh R Nair Says
Thursday February 25th 2010

It’s amazing how life changes in a split second. Truly blessed are those, who have people standing by their side even when life itself is turning its back on them. Such incidents help remind you of how blessed you’re yourself, you feel grateful for all the love & support that you get from your loved ones; something, which we normally don’t realize nor appreciate.

Thank you for sharing this story.

Vatsala Says
Thursday February 25th 2010

I am really happy to read this blog of your’s. This girl happens to be a friend’s friend and when my friend told me about his friend’s accident the day it happened I felt bad. Being a doctor I also knew what all physical and psychological pain she will have to go through but what I was wondered the most was how her fiance will react to this situation? And I am really very happy for her that she has him! A great guy! All the best to both of them :) And I admire him too!

Thursday February 25th 2010

Being ‘practical’ is all what people ultimately arrive at. This post exposes the current beneath that practicality, which is extreme, stinking selfishness. I admire the man, not for his courage. For it is not courage, but love that played here. The love that inspired him to be courageous to stand by one’s conviction. The blog is an eyeopener for many who stand confused, between one’s heart and (the society’s) head. But yet the question remains. Can one afford to stand by his/her heart when it is existence of his dependents that is threatened? I know of my seniors in the newspaper industry who have to live through dishonesty because they fear losing jobs. They are at an advanced age and have grown-up kids to pay for. How do they go by their heart? Why are we put in a cauldron where if we have to emerge out of the grimy froth, we have to be bubbles who are ready to shed all the weight of values? What are true values by the way? Are they the only values which have social sanction? It is a queer, quagmirish world. Indeed!

    Lakshmi Says
    Monday April 26th 2010

    Dear Aparna,
    Generally I do not like to share personal matters on a website and with people whom I have not met. But your mail for some reason forced me to write and to answer that Yes one can afford to stand by his/her heart when it comes to the existence of the dependents. I have left a well paying job because I did not want to compromise on my values and family. Secondly, I have two small kids whose education depends on my earning. I am struggling but I will never compromise. As I believe that my children tomorrow will do what I did. It is painful but one must take the decision.

S Says
Friday February 26th 2010

Wish I could’ve met him under better circumstances, but today both of them, more so him have become personal heroes to me!

And I also want to place on record, my appreciation and admiration for what you and Mr. Soota are doing for her. Hope this will serve as an example to other companies about compassion and care to the team members, which makes them wanted and cared for.

Saturday February 27th 2010

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

First and foremost, if inspiration could be personified it would look exactly like you.

Your column on Forbes, “Zen garden” is something which I dream to do someday. Inspiring people with the story of the lives of stalwarts in their own rights, getting a feel of the efforts they put in making the impossible and the ridiculous – possible and thereby torching paths for more dreamers to tread their way is something I aspire being part of.

Is there a way in which you could give me an opportunity to be a part of the inspirational journey of chronicling the legends of today for the champions of tomorrow?

Warm regards,

Dewaker Basnet

Leadership & Personality development consultant and author of “Moving Ahead”

Sudha Says
Monday March 1st 2010

Thanks sir, for sharing this experience. I am touched.

shristi shrestha Says
Tuesday March 2nd 2010

Hi dear subroto.. finished ur The Professionals Yest.. and coudnt stop myself from thanking you for bringing such a lovely piece of creation to us..(wont call it a book as it is much more than that)
Thanks again,

Anupam K. Tandon Says
Wednesday March 3rd 2010

Your articles too make us dream Subroto. As I read this blog, I could feel the pain. Negligence of the drivers have caused many horrible accidents which could be easily avoided.

May all the love and blessings of the almighty be with the MindTree mind during this difficult time. I hope she gets the best treatment possible. Certainly, life is difficult. At the same time, miracles can happen and do happen. Lets hope she gets well somehow. Hats off to the young man who returned from USA. God bless you.

Anonymous Says
Thursday March 4th 2010

There is positivity, the courage of the young man is really appreciated. He spoke not for him, but for someone whom he believes was his life.

Subrato – I really admire you as a person, the way you tell things makes me feel that you are personally narrating it to me..

kalpana Says
Thursday March 4th 2010

Today ,younger generation look like they work only for money,or their behaviour does not reflect their true inner self. In situations like the said one, they show their real self.They are more confident too, to make their own decisions. Hats off to his mental courage and companionship.

S.Sistla Says
Friday March 5th 2010

In this highly competitive world it’s difficult to believe that fine emotions can park within the citadels of exuberance.This is courage. To achieve without loosing oneself are signs of great humans. My best wishes to you and the young ones.

Monday March 8th 2010

Dear Subroto,

I just finished reading your book – professional yesterday. It was definitely inspiring in many ways though in between it got too preachy but i knew that there is a valid substance in it which allowed me to kept on reading. Thanks for writing it and spreading the knowledge.

Kind regards

jay thakkar

Author of the books – Naqsh and Matra
IIID Ahmedabad Chapter Committee member (Academic Chair)
Full Time Faculty and Research Cell member
School of Interior Design
CEPT University
Ahmedabad, India

Abhishek Singh Says
Monday March 8th 2010

Who’s she subroto? She is from MindTree? :(
Hat’s off to the guy. :)
~Abhishek Singh

akanksha Says
Tuesday March 9th 2010

Dear Sir,

Very nicely put up words and your thoughts.I am extremey touched…felt like the situation happening in front of my eyes that I could not stop my eyes going wet.Every other moment I found myself in the situation in my imagination while I am going though this blog…

I too admire the guy strongly…and hope to see all partners having such courageous hearts and the Great commitment.I loved it…!!!

Friday March 12th 2010

Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story… I just hope i have as much courage and optimism about life if confronted with a similar situation. Thanks for making me think.

Ajay Das Says
Friday March 12th 2010

Life’s uncertainties are the most difficult to grapple with. It needs sheer grit and willpower and nothing else.I am sure the young lady will stand the test of time.I admire the young man, her fiancee, for his courage and sense of commitment. I sincerely believe they both will overcome the difficult days ahead. And then everything will become a matter of past and they will shine more than ever before.My best wishes are with them.

Geetha Says
Saturday March 13th 2010

I do hope and pray that your young colleague is recovering well and is not in too much of pain.



Ramanujam Says
Thursday March 18th 2010

Dear Mr Bagchi,

The incident speaks so much of the courage and value systems in personal life, which no doubt, will also translate to his professional life.

It will be a painful haul for him in the short term, he may lose a lot of sleep, both to take care and to anguish on what he may have apparently lost. But i am sure he will sleep better.

I am reminded of a similiar young man i have met. He was committed to marry a friend. Tragically she was diagnosed with cancer. Nothing changed for him too. He has married her much against the wishes of his parents. Every time i see him, i make a mental bow, for, unlike you, he doesnt know that i do.

Friday March 19th 2010

Mr.Bagchi after reading your blog I am beginning to dream ,a heart touching story and a rare one in today’s Practical World. A Great Salute to the True Lover, and a great Presentation by you Sir.

Wednesday March 24th 2010

I salute him! And, it is my first time to your blog and I find it beautiful.

Rakesh Mahla Says
Thursday April 1st 2010

salute to man ………

Manjunath Says
Thursday April 1st 2010

Dear Subroto,

Poignant! I was reading an article on Mathur Krishnamoorthy and he said that pain makes us magnanimous! Young man has handled the pain with equanimity and has enormous courage to follow through! I bow!!

Thanks for the riveting piece!


Sunday April 4th 2010

Beautiful! We all need to hear stories like this to keep our sanity in the crazy world… I wish for the best for her, her fiance and her family… and hope that people can learn from such stories!

Amit K Says
Tuesday April 6th 2010

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

Thank you for reminding one and all that true love comes from compassion and perseverance. It didnt matter if the couple had started thinking about – what next, what mattered was, they were together into the ordeal. A touching anecdote and a truly memorable one. God bless both these wards of MindTree

Sibu K Das Says
Sunday April 11th 2010

I hope, with my Bagchi beginning to dream again, for a book in the style of ‘The Poetic’. Bagchi has been dreaming all his life.I wish he continues to dream, more for others.

Somesh Basu Says
Monday April 12th 2010

Hi Subroto,

I really admire the personality of the guy and salute him for the values he possess. Human beings like him are rare in this world and not everyone is same.

I would have have definitely done the same thing as he did.

Shilpa Says
Tuesday April 13th 2010

This incident is very emotional and I wish good health and happiness to the lady mind in the article.

It makes me wonder that if a life changing incident can happen to anyone and at anytime I should stop any pessimism I may have and thank god for all her blessings (big and small).

Uma Says
Friday April 16th 2010


I enjoy reading your blog, it is very inspiring and exposures me to many insightful experiences.


Naren Says
Tuesday April 20th 2010

Hats off Mr. Bagchi… its because of you we came to know about such a great soul today……

Hats off to you too my dear Handsome….

Amita Says
Friday April 23rd 2010

OMG, this is a very heart moving incident. The calmness and composure that the girl’s fiance displayed is truly commendable. Such traumatic incidents actually show the true self of a person. I salute the guy and hope/pray for well being of the couple.

Wednesday May 5th 2010

Well I know the Girl personally, which Mr Bagchi has portrayed. She is the living example of kindness, and thats the reason why she deserve such a guy as fiancé. I recollect, once when we were in school , She gave food to a robber who was trying to rob her own house. As when, he was caught by her, he told her “Maa’m I dint have food for 4 days, and my hunger made me do this…”. She, instead of calling the police and getting him arrested , advised him to be a good human, and to do some job for his daily bread and shared with him the food she had made that day. Initially I thought she was stupid to do that, but then later on I found it’s me who is stupid. Because, She could guide someone to life and helped him to survive from his long hunger! Which not everyone can do or think of.


the "she" in the incident Says
Wednesday May 5th 2010

Hi All,
I thank you for your wishes and prayers; I think that energy has translated into a faster healing process for me. I am truly blessed to have the support of my family, my fiancé and my friends, and all of you! I would also like to mention about a special person who took the initiative to take me to the hospital right after the incident, if it were not for her, perhaps I wouldn’t be here today.
The best part was that my fiancé and his family were there with me during the critical part of the ordeal and that has helped me heal faster and feel confident about myself again. I feel that has been a big bonus in my life.
Perhaps the most important thing that this incident has taught me is the unpredictability of life, the transience of it all. The best thing is to do let go and not cling on to anything in life. I do miss my lost leg, but I guess the only way to deal with it is to accept what has happened and look ahead in life for more adventures ;D …It’s still an effort in progress.

Monday May 10th 2010

I read lots in your blog but this time I try to write somethnig. Choosing a real Diamond is important among all real Diamonds, but chossing a right Diamond is infact most important. Here the Girl, the boy and Mr. Bagchi are few Diamonds of your country. I pray for all those who are in troubles in tears to my daity, Maa save them.

Amiya Chaudhuri Says
Thursday May 20th 2010

Dear Mr Bagchi,
I’m connected to your blog very recently. Although, I came in contact with your article first in 2004 in Business World “Cucumber Seller” then your comments on CKP in ET and now recent speech delivered at Class 2006, IIM Bangalore.The inherent philosophy of your views to the world touches every heart and everyone learns from this.I remember the words in Cucumber Seller “we are not complete if we are not connected” and your final comment “I wanted to touch his feet” give me the message that a human being must understsand the core of humanity and must bow before it. The process of learning remains incomplete if we fail to understand this.Your articles and speeches carry the same philosophy.

Amiya Chaudhuri

Sunday May 23rd 2010

It’s a great commentary on someone’s deep commitment and courage of conviction. Like you, I find myself admiring this young gentleman. We love our parents regardless of their looks, education and station in life. We stand by them even when they are disabled. It shoul be the same when it comes to our life partners. The real take away for such a relationship with life partner is an abiding trust which makes one relaxed and leaves one emboldened in all one’s endeavours. I wish and pray they live a conjugal life of bliss and abundance. – Tilak

Subhash Says
Thursday May 27th 2010

The young man is a person of great character and thoughtfulness. A rare quality these days.

Subhash Says
Thursday May 27th 2010

I wish the couple all happiness for the future.

UMA Says
Thursday June 3rd 2010

Recently i read your book “go kiss the world”. Today Accidentally i gone through your blog,and came to know the girls story. While reading the incident of the boys arrival to hospital, i was in such a nervous mood that first i red the bottom lines…. thinking what might have happend. My heart was beating like anything. Thank god! still there are such people in the world who gives importance for relations. Thats why we are surviving. May god bless both of them

praveen pankaj Says
Friday July 23rd 2010

Thanks for sharing touching story sir…Courage reflects true love…

Sunday August 8th 2010

The story touches the depth of one’s heart. That is the character of a man. Nothing can defeat a man who has got strong values in his life. May this couple shine through the journey of this life!

Anonymous Says
Thursday October 21st 2010

Sir, I started reading your blog after one of the shopkeeper suggested me your book”Go,kiss the world”. Although I still have not got opportunity to read your book,but I have followed your writings on net.
More than taking a decission,it takes courage to standby your decission,no matter what happens around you specially some of your very own peoples’ reactions.
Having a son of three year old, it took all my courage to standby my decission,when my husband left us alone. For having suffered a huge financial loss because of his own mistakes,and couldnt face the middle class family were the reasons given by him later. I got lot of suggestions from friends and family to lead a independent life forgetting him. But we(me and my son)still love him so much that I decided not to depart our ways. It is long waiting for us,untill he corrects all his mistakes and comes back. I have a strong belief that 6 yrs of our memories together,will give us this strength.

Abhay Kumar Says
Sunday October 24th 2010

Heart warming story. Inspires to fight through the difficulties of life. Shows the character , commitment of the guy. I am sure he means “Nothing has changed for him”. I wish all the luck for the couple.

Debahsihs Ganguly Says
Saturday October 30th 2010

May we pray that encouragement of her fiance will give birth to another Sudhachandran

vaishnavirajan Says
Wednesday November 10th 2010

happy to understand that we still have deep rooted values.great please keep sharing refreshed.

Thursday December 2nd 2010

Dear Shri Bagchi,

Extremely inspiring story. I thank you for bringing it in public domain. It has made my resolve strong in helping others.

Read your book ‘The professioanl’ with great interest. May I call it a kind of professionalism (professionalism of commitment)



Priya Says
Tuesday December 14th 2010

Everyday something happens or I read something that keeps telling me that – there is so much love and compassion in the world. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.

Aakriti Rana Says
Wednesday December 29th 2010

It is of little traits that the greatest human character is composed.
Character is the indelible mark that determines the only true value of all people and all their work

I must say the girl has choosen a very nice person as her partner.
May god bless them always

Thank you for sharing it.

Debendra Says
Tuesday April 19th 2011

…a big big thanks to the young man
great inspiring message within the story.
I salute the young man and wish from the deepest point of my heart

Prema Says
Saturday July 16th 2011

truely inspiring ..

Ganesh Says
Wednesday August 10th 2011

I read the blog and the response of “she” mentioned in the blog. Goes to prove that good hearts are still there in this world.

Senthil Says
Thursday February 16th 2012

Luv & Be Luv’d !! Perfect example of true love !! God bless the couples !!

Sumit Says
Tuesday April 30th 2013

Very Nuc article

Saturday May 18th 2013

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Guru Prasad Biswal Says
Tuesday November 4th 2014

There are beautiful people surrounding us…truly beautiful. We need an eye of appreciation to realize it..

Time has come to honour these brave souls who have overcome the vagaries of life to make them opportunities to challenge the extremes.

Rupa Says
Wednesday November 16th 2016

It requires real courage and conviction to standby and follow what your heart says..Kudos to the couple for being strength to each other.

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