Go Kiss the World in Hindi!

He said by 2020, 2 billion people in the world will be part of a great new consumptive force. They will join the middle-class. Its impact on society, culture, education, business and politics would be beyond what we can imagine.

Dear Aditya, Abhishek, Basanta, Chandra, Chandu, Nikhil, Sreeja, Joshua, Joy and Veena and all of you who have visited my blog recently.

Thank you to those of you who have left your thoughts on my Blog. I am sorry that I took a while to acknowledge – what with a daytime job and some travel as well. I am glad all of you liked the essence of “Go Kiss the World”. As early believers, I have the duty to keep you informed about happenings around the book.

First of all, the book sold out 10,000 copies in the first three weeks of its coming out; I am told it is a record for a business book in India. Penguin of course is reprinting it and that gives me a chance to rectify a few mistakes in the first print run. The other heartening news is that a Hindi version is on its way – I just signed the contract and that would take the messages in the book to a much larger audience. I am really looking forward to it. By the way, the Korean rights have also been sold. I am told there is a tremendous interest in India from Korean readers! Imagine a business book designed for young Indian professionals being of interest in far away Korea! But that also tells you that the world indeed is flat and that means so many new opportunities and so many new challenges.

The other day, I was listening to Gopal Srinivasan of TVS Group at a seminar in Chennai by Pegasus, the outbound learning organization. Gopal is a powerful speaker and he was outlining a few key directions for organization builders in the next decade. One of the things he pointed out was the phenomenal rise of the middle-class in the world as a powerful economic force. He said by 2020, 2 billion people in the world will be part of a great new consumptive force. They will join the middle-class. Its impact on society, culture, education, business and politics would be beyond what we can imagine. In the book Go Kiss the World, I have addressed myself to the young Indian professional because I believe that for the first time in the history of India, it is the professional of India who is defining the image of India, what it means to be an Indian. The rise of a global middle-class intersects this phenomenon. Gopal’s thoughts reinforce my belief that Go Kiss the World has indeed been well timed.

Meanwhile, keep spreading the word, keep writing in. Without you, what is the meaning of my existence?

Go, Kiss the World.

Raghu Says
Friday July 18th 2008

Not surprising the book is not available on Amazon.com nor Buy.com. I have requested my current manager to pick one up from India, hope he finds it when he returns in August.

BTW, during my last visit to India I picked up a couple of copies of The High Performance Entrepreneur and presented one to one of my manager (wannabe entrepreneur) who coincidently is a Korean!

Mr.Bagchi, have you ever considered audio version of your book or audio CDs of your speeches.

pravin kumar Says
Wednesday August 27th 2008

Dear Mr. Bagchi,

U have done a great favour to the young generation particularly from India with GKTW, please accept my gratitude.

I am sure the Hindi edition too will be found very useful by the readers and will be a great morale booster for the readers across the country & will benefit the society at large. I am sure the experienced publishers will make efforts to make it more affordable for the hindi reading people as well to own a copy.

Thanks again !

Best reagrds,


Ashok Says
Wednesday September 24th 2008

Dear Mr Bagchi,

The other day I happened to be at a book store in Bangalore, and happened to see your book “Go Kiss the World”. Something about it infatuated me and I managed to pick a copy of the same.
It all started with a glance I had on the prologue. I became so engrossed in it and fascinated with it, that I managed to go through the whole book in a day’s time. I have completed 2 rounds on it, and still intend to read it. It’s so meaningful that I never get tried of reading it

Sunday September 28th 2008

Dear Mr Bagchi

I have just finished the book. It is wonderful. I recommend this to all class and age group. I would like to say that there are lot of similarity betwen you and many of us . You opted out of army career but i did not , that is the diffreence.

Sunday September 28th 2008


Garima Tak Says
Friday November 14th 2008


I have just finished reading your book “Go Kiss The World”. It is amazing. I can not express it in Words. I recommend everyone around me to read it .

Would like to have Hindi transaltion of the book for my parents Especially mother she would love reading this.

Is the hindi translation out ?? I hope name of the book remains same.

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