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I get this interesting proposition from Charles Assisi, Executive Editor at Forbes India - would I agree to a televised conversation on the purpose of wealth between Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and celebrated entrepreneur GVK Reddy?

A few days back, I get this interesting proposition from Charles Assisi, Executive Editor at Forbes India – would I agree to a televised conversation on the purpose of wealth between Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar and celebrated entrepreneur GVK Reddy whose organization has done infrastructure projects like the Mumbai Airport and the Taj Krishna at Hyderabad among several other things.

I readily agreed and what a delight it was to meet both men!

The occasion was the launch of a special issue of Forbes India that listed the 100 richest Indians at The Taj Residency in Bangalore on the 20th of November.
It was an unusual experience for me to host a conversation with two very different individuals.

I am sure, all of you want to know how it went. So, here it is: you can watch the conversation televised this coming weekend.

See it on:

Forbes India show on CNBC tv18 Saturday 12:30pm and repeat on Sunday 10:00pm.

Forbes-India-show-Subroto-Bagchi Subroto-Bagchi-Sri-Sri-Ravishankar-GVK-Reddy-1 Subroto-Bagchi-Sri-Sri-Ravishankar-GVK-Reddy-2

Do let me have your feedback if you get a chance to see the program. And guess who is the next in Zen Garden?

It is Cherie Blair!

So, look out for the next issue of Forbes India as well to meet another unusual individual.

Thursday November 26th 2009

Respected Sir,

My small sense of understanding and vocabulary bars me from praising you. Even if i imbibe a small portion of what you say and pass it to my colleagues, my life is made. You have mentioned about CLASS – may i use the same in my organization. Values are universal and timeless and i guess you declare them openly so you would not disallow me to use them. CLASS is all encompassing and comprehensive with no focus lost. The sequence is fantastic. As a professional (trying to be one), i have to take your permission to do this. I have also sent a similar request via the MindTree website.


Harsh Jajoo

Lubna Says
Thursday November 26th 2009

Can’t wait to watch the show and read Forbes India.

VenuT Says
Thursday November 26th 2009

Dear Subrato,

I have been following Zen Garden right from day one. More over slowly getting hooked up to a business magazine FORBES INDIA which is very interesting with different shades of news and articles. Team is doing a great job. I am not a reader of any business magazine, to be true Zen Garden made me to buy the one but i am contemplating of subscribing this magazine..kudos to every one


Geetha Says
Thursday November 26th 2009

Really looking forward to watching the Forbes India televised conversation on CNBC TV-18 this weekend and also to the next issue of Zen Garden with Ms. Cherie Blair in it. Thanks a million for the advance intimation!



Geetha Says
Saturday November 28th 2009

Dear Subrotoda,

Once again a “grabby lead”! The opening itself was fantastic in the televised conversation because you started off with an apt analogy by talking about Kewat, the boatman, who claimed that both Lord Rama and he were in the same profession because both ferried people across; he, Kewat, did it across the river whereas Sri Rama ferried his devotees from Earth to Heaven, from Death to Immortality.

H.H. is so right when he talks about the “meddling intellect” which hampers us, as adults, from retaining the childlike playfulness.. We are now operating in an era where we talk about satisfying and delighting not just the customer but the customer’s customer also and H.H. says if a friend’s friend’s friend’s friend is happy, we will be richer by 5000 dollars! That is simply great!

And finally, thank you for having brought out so beautifully in your short conversation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Mr. GVK Reddy, the essence of what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin had said:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”



Mick Ord Says
Friday December 4th 2009

Mr Bagchi,

I was a member of the small group of BAE Systems executives your recently spent a few hours with at IIMB as part of Professor Thiru’s programme. Those few hours talking about the emotionally bonded organisation were an inspiration to me; thank you for lighting a fire within me. I’ve just stepped of a 777 back from the US back to UK and foregone sleep to read The professional cover to cover twice. Again another exercise in mental arson, my highlighter pen did not rest.

Until a month ago I had never visited India and had not heard of Subroto Bagchi, MindTree or The Emotionally Bonded Organisation – I have now and I now wear new lenses in my eyes. Thank you for your time in Bangalore & thank you for the ideas.

Regards, Mick Ord

Saturday December 5th 2009

Hello sir
I have just read your new publication-The Professional and saw you interview H.H. Sri Sri Ravi shankar on Youtube. Both the things were amazing. Your book explains a lot of these things with examples and so does sri sri ravi shankar. I have also been his devotee for some time now. I think some of things that you mentioned in the book are very subjective in everyone’s mind when they start their professional career. I am a fresher sir, its been just 6 months of experience after passing out from MDI,Gurgaon. I think has made clear in my mind many matters of grey which i shall now classify into white and black. Thanks

Ashwin K M Says
Saturday December 12th 2009

Dear Sir,
I have bought the book The Professional, and I wanted to thank you for sharing these great thoughts with the world. It makes me realise what a professional life means, and it is way above just salary hikes and better pay packets.


Geetha Says
Wednesday December 16th 2009

Great conversation with Ms. Cherie Blair in the Zen Garden! Thank you for the learnings on womenomics!

The need of the hour is ‘bilingual’ leadership and for that to happen, we definitely have to learn to become gender bilingual?

What’s really interesting is the last Q&A. Only mixité – a balanced mix of the sexes – in Boards will ensure delivery of sustained corporate performance?

Thanks and regards,


Hari Parmeshwar Says
Saturday December 19th 2009

Dear Sir,

This refers to the article by Subroto Bagchi CEO Mind Tree on “Pay or Pay dirt” on CEO Compensation.

Firstly CEO’s do not create value. People in the organization do. CEO’s usurp that value for themselves.
Secondly compensation based on performance unleashes behaviour which is detrimental to the interests of society. For example TVS Prasad the former Cabinet Secretary who took on O Suzuki during his stint as Cabinet Secretary became a non entity Director in Satyam due to the compensation. In the case of Microsoft it unleashes anti – trust behaviour.

Thirdly CEO’s work at cross purposes with the rest of society. In the case of ENRON while California was suffering due to a Power crisis, ENRON traders made millions on Power trading encouraged by their Harvard CEO who mocked at any sentiment.In the case of Agri Business both farmers and consumers suffer. One from low prices and the other from high prices.While agri business executives roll in bonuses.

In the case of the IT industry the CEO’s and HR heads thought nothing of calling women at odd hours. It was business as usual.

Please provide counter views when writing on contentious issues in your magazine.

PS For the record I am a year junior to KK at XLRI.

Hari Parmeshwar

Sunday December 20th 2009

Dear Sir,
Someday I have dream of meeting you and sharing my own views with you about ethics,integrity,honesty in business and take your blessings.Praying the almighty to do some miracle so that it will come true.Whenever,I had a dilemma in my professional life and get frustrated not finding answers to some question,I buy a book of yours and find every possible answers.Since I knew English,followed the “Times of Mind” Columns in TOI written by you and imbibed the art of explaining the most difficult concept in the simplest way.Still remember your story of how the price of tomato changes while coming from the nearby villages of Bangaluru and then connecting it to the laws of supply & demand.All your books are a journey for me during which I break my assumptions,unlearn & learn the most.Aspiring to be someone like you who believes in quantum jump in terms of character building rather than balance sheet building alone.The story of Mahadeva to learn the basics of The Professional is awesome.Learning about integrity from Sanjiv Nanda case is mind blowing.You are undoubtedly a path breaking Gardener who can implant the values into any upcoming future manager’s blood stream.Truly deserve a Bharat Ratna according to me.

Masroor Ahmed Says
Monday December 21st 2009

Go kiss the world……Amazing article.

Lubna Says
Saturday December 26th 2009

Dear Subroto,
Wishing you and all your readers a Happy 2010.
Best wishes,

Monday December 28th 2009

Dear Subroto,

I did read ‘ Go Kiss the world & The professional’ & all it did was make me a very calm & even more composed person.Essentially gets you back to basics.What i really appreciate is the lucid & readable language used without oversimplyfing things to the reader.Let me tell you this is no mean feat.By title i am a Director of Account Operations with a BPO firm which is headquarted in North America & its delivery centers in India.I have always belived that whatever the size of your customers business to you, one needs to provide undivided attention & more importantly a patient ear to them with utmost sincerity.At the end of the day relationships are built on solid foundations of trust nothing more nothing less & that is what this book teaches you.I have been able to draw inspiration from your thoughts thru this book & will look forward to see more from your desk soon. Believe me the more you write the fuller you become :)



Satya Says
Tuesday December 29th 2009


First of all my wishes as you really doing a splendid job by writing all these books. I have gone through each of last 2 books may be more than 100 times as there are 100 golden lines mentioned which I can align with my lifestyles. Being part of Orissa adds value to the same.

As I was going through the new book ” The Professional ” , I found few printing mistakes, so wanted if I can say it in this forum.

Regards – Satya

Govind Says
Friday January 1st 2010

Dear Mr. Subrato Bagchi,

We would like to publish a tamil translation of your speech “My Mother is an Ugly Woman” in a private magazine(“Pongal Malar”) published in the occasion of Pongal Celebrations in Tokyo, Japan. The Malar is not published for any commercial motives – it is just a part of the community activities. One of our readers have forwarded the article to us and we would like to seek your permission before publishing the same.

Thanks and please contact me through my e-mail regarding your permission on the publishing of your article.


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