Business with Bagchi

These days, it is so easy to lose faith; all one has to do is to read the morning’s newspaper to get disillusioned with the system. But when you interact with 31 young adults, you realize that the nation has a future.

I know it has been a long time and I have neglected all of you. My apologies; going forward, I promise to be more regular in sharing my world with you. For one thing, the last one month has been very hectic. The only substantive time I get to do my usual writing, including keeping the blog up-to-date, is the weekend. And all the last 4 weekends have gone into a program titled “Business with Bagchi”. This was co-created with three National Public School branches in Bangalore. 31 students, 17 boys and 14 girls, were selected for it. All 16-year-olds, the deal with me was that they would let me into their world and in turn, I would tell them all about business.

Over the four weekend sessions, we spoke about entrepreneurship, about the social sector enterprises, supply chain, brands and a whole host of other business concepts; finally we spoke about the role of ethics in business. Throughout the four sessions, the students maintained learning diaries for reflective analysis that they shared with me. During the process, they learnt about techniques like brain storming, did group work to present their learning and ate pizza. It was fascinating how perceptive and articulate they were.

A part of the classroom. How I wish we had all the 31 students in the picture!

A part of the classroom. How I wish we had all the 31 students in the picture!
(Photo Courtesy: Mallick Katakol)

These days, it is so easy to lose faith; all one has to do is to read the morning’s newspaper to get disillusioned with the system. But when you interact with 31 young adults, you realize that the nation has a future; that all may not be lost and eventually when evil will cancel out evil, into a new dawn, there would be no dearth of leadership to take us into the future.

On quite another topic, I am just coming out of a 3-day strategy session with a group of business leaders from MindTree’s Product Engineering Services business. During the session, as I listened to some of the brightest people in the company, it occurred to me that I should write about the essential nature of strategy. Many professionals use the term without understanding its true meaning. So, the next time, look for it and do forgive me for the recent neglect.

Lubna Says
Friday February 4th 2011

Dear Subroto,
These kids are so lucky to have had a dialogue with you, but I guess we – the blog readers shouldn’t complain either. After all, you do upload your gems here.
I think, to a great extent, technology will play a huge role in ushering ethics in society, as it would lead to better access and better transparency, cutting out the role of many a corrupt middleman.
For instance, if all tenders could be uploaded online and made visible to all those who had posted the tenders after a certain date, wouldn’t that help avoid many a scam, such as we saw in the CWGs?
Plus, you and several other current business leaders are doing the right thing in spreading the concept of ethics. Thank you for doing so.
By the way, I think I am guilty of mis-using the term “strategy” so I have lots to learn from your next post.
Wishing you a great weekend.
Best regards, Lubna

Varun Vasudevan Says
Friday February 4th 2011

Welcome back Sir :) Looking forward for more interesting ones

Friday February 4th 2011

Wish I could have been one of those 31 students. Really waiting to hear from you something strategy. I seem to be in agreement with whatever you say, it helps me personally & professionally a lot. In case you find some time do read two of my recent posts


Subramani Says
Saturday February 5th 2011

Sir, I am an entrepreneur from Mumbai( still trying to find feet) & have been highly benefited by your thought process and professional & constructive writing. I also do some voluntary service work and therefore can easily relate to the promise that you talk about. There is immense potential & ambition just waiting to be channelized.

In the above note, i could not relate to just one line ” …eventually when evil will cancel out evil…”. I have heard this statement being said so often and with a lot of conviction. but when I look around at nature, all the examples seem to be pointing the other way. Nature uses opposites to balance out rather than using more of same thing to bring order. Would want to hear more from you on this based on your experiences.- Subramani

    Subroto Bagchi Says
    Saturday March 12th 2011

    Dear Subramani,

    I am no prophet. But seeing what is going on around us, I am seeing more of the bad going after other bad than good going after bad. I think it is a good thing to happen. So a corrupt politician today is being exposed by his brethren; a tainted bureaucrat is being chased by another; the instances are all over, from the judiciary to the legislature, media to business. I am beginning to believe that the elements of evil tend to create a strange balance and sometimes, cancel each other.

    That said, there is a hope and a prayer in that statement.

    Best wishes,


Sunday February 6th 2011

Inspired.. once again..
Thank you!

kati Says
Sunday February 6th 2011

I am so happy to get in touch with u after a long span of has been a great pleasure to see u becoming successful .wish u & your family all the best and many more success .kati

manjerekar Says
Sunday February 6th 2011

looking forward to listen to Mr. Bagchi face to face.

Monday February 7th 2011

practical, excellent, effective and most simplified deliberations. Thanks for contributing to this world.Its a seamless flow of knowledge, and more than that-wisdom from your thoughts. thanks a lot.

Max Ghiara Says
Monday February 7th 2011

Taking up on your idea of strategy, what would Mind Tree’s strategic response be to AS’s exit?

Tushar Sanyal Says
Wednesday February 9th 2011

Respected Sir,

At the outset, I apologize for posting the comment. I am very much surprised & Hurt !!! I read word to word all three books written by you and develop an emotional relationship with you like Eklavya of Mahabharata. Infact, if I remember correctly, the Mind-Tree Integrity Policy, which anyone can check from their website, is developed by Sri Ashok Soota Ji. To me,it is a big blow . Infosys , till date, no such exit of the co-founders except Mr. Ashok Arora who had left Infosys much before it hit the big time. I am waiting for your valuable comment , infact I have already posted a google alert … perhaps this is the stern reality …

Best Regards,

Friday February 11th 2011

Subroto Sir, the line essential nature of strategy got me going, it is a teaser and I would look forward to your definition and tinkering of the same.

Sunday February 13th 2011

Although I missed your posts, I am feeling good about those 31 youngsters. I wish, till the time we can’t improve on our education policies, leaders from all walk of life should do the same as you’ve done with “Business with Bagachi” program.
Good to know you are back. Keep posting the good stuff. It helps!!


    Den Says
    Friday December 7th 2012

    Abdulilah Al-jawadi Posted on Dear sir: Kindly help me as much as possible to have a free fhsolwleip to get in linguistics.I hope that you may take care for my letter & you may answer me personally.Thanks in anticipation.I would like to inform you that I,m interested @ experit in the translation of the glorious Quran into English.

Nandini Says
Sunday February 13th 2011

Dear Sir,

I am an HR manager and as a parting gift from my last company I received the book ” Go Kiss the World.” It has been such an interesting read for me. The idea which is still stuck in my head is the concept of taking flight and how it is vital to learn new things, the ability to take risks and undertake a change. It has given me a lot of confidence to take on a new role, in incidently an IT giant.

I hope we get to learn more from you through your books and this blog!

Best Regards

Bharath S Says
Tuesday February 15th 2011

Hello Subroto,

I can now proudly say that I have read all your 3 books – each book atleast 3 times. You have added so much value to the world through your writing. Infact every day before going to bed; I just take some pages from your book and read through them. Only then my day is complete & it gives me the motivation to face the challenges of the next day.

I am sure all your direct reports must be very fortunate to have a great mentor in you, afterall people want to work with leaders who not only show them the stars; but also enable them to reach it. You are one such nice human being to your people.

I have a suggestion:

– I think we have good set of extended family via this blog.It would be a good idea if all the people in this blog can get together one evening to listen and learn from you. It would be a enriching experience for youngesters like me – who work in another company and don’t have the opportunity to directly interact& work with you. This can be planned as an specific interaction with you for our blog community. This will be a great value add for all of us and I am eagerly looking forward for such an opportunity.I hope you would support this idea as well.

Thanks and take good care.

Kind Regards,
Bharath S

Tuesday February 15th 2011

Dear Sir,

This may look like one of those thousand mails which you receive daily but in spite of that I would like to narrate a very simple incident which happened with me yesterday.

“Mindtree” came for campus recruitment yesterday in our college and I was cleared till the penultimate round. post that I came out and was having some snacks with a quite ‘bad’ mood. Suddenly I saw a person asking another guy the way to MG Road and I could very well decipher the fact that he was from Delhi and was new to this place. I just went upto him and said “Uncle, take an auto. U won’t find a direct bus from here.”

This sentence was the initiator of a 30 minute discussion about you. How?

Well, he got his son admitted to our college that day and was looking for a place for him to stay. More of a PG kind. Suddenly his son asked me about the quality and quantity of placements that happen here and I said I just took “Mindtree.” On hearing that , his dad said “Subroto Bahchi?”

I said yes uncle. the next sentence made me confirm that coincidence and uncertainty of incidences are really uncertain and may come at any time.

His next sentence “Subroto was my class mate for many years” and I was spell bound.

This was something which I really wanted to share with you and I hope you also remember him though I did not say his name.

Thanking you,
Kamanasish Nandi,

girish Says
Wednesday February 23rd 2011

Thanks sir…
For sharing your words with us.

Pradeep Says
Wednesday March 2nd 2011

Subroto SIR, I just came across your blog via Mind Tree site and ‘ve read some of the material posted online. To my understanding, you have authored two books with same Title : The Professional. The latest one with subtitle ” Defining the new standard of excellence at work ” is due for release in June’2011. I wish to know as to whether the later one is the updated & revised version of the earlier one or separate. This shall enable me to proceed to order. Further, since ‘am a non-resident Indian, where could I procure the book(s). Regards

    Ana Says
    Friday December 7th 2012

    littomika on August 30, 2011 I like that I am a grateful pesron. I love being able to show my appreciation to others and count all of my blessings. I dont like taking things for granted, because life is so special and the people you love should feel they are loved.

Ravikiran.S.Souza Says
Wednesday March 2nd 2011

Dear sir
I have been much inspired by your thought’s and your expirence about your self through your journey in life. I have been reading your book which you have written “THE PROFESSIONAL”. Which is based on your life and experience, what you have enduered in the coroporate world. I may be one from “n” numbers in the world but may one day be some fruitful in life to carry my success on my back in pain and happiness.I have to learn many things to become an enterpreneur has, I have started my journey in a coroporate world which is completely new journey for me. Has, I was just an lazy person and a negative thinker 6 months back. When took admission for “MBA” my life started to take changes which was completely new for me.Has, I was an “BA” student did not knew what my “GOAL” was, now, I decide my goal to be one of best “CEO” in the world.
Im grateful to you for your writting’s and my blessing to you that you may continue in writting many other book an inspire many other’s. If you can help me in some change, I would be much enthusiast.

Thanking you,

Friday March 4th 2011

Hello Sir,
First of all a ” Thank You ” to you, as I am learning and evolving lots of things after reading your books.Its a very noble way to educate the budding resources of our country.Rather thinking, that we cannot change the whole country(what usually,even the educated people thinks), if we can change the fate of one person also, these small drops can convert to Ocean.
Thanks for such Inspirational Blogs. I am working with the plan to start an Orpahanage and a Sports Academy(Cricket Excluded) for the Unprevielaged kids. Would request some of your advise.

Want to start from Bangalore to the Far East of India.


Thanks Again SIR

Monday March 7th 2011

Seems interesting interaction with students! Waiting to meet you tomorrow.

Sachin Deshpande Says
Tuesday March 8th 2011

Dear sir,
I am on Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) board in my son’s school in Pune. I would sincerely appreciate if you can talk to interested / selected students from Pune as well.
I would be happy and honored to organize such a event.
Please let me know if you can find some time from your busy calendar.

Thursday March 10th 2011

Hello Sir,

I have started mentoring you after reading all the books.Have a little wish to get 10 minutes of your valuable time once.

I have never seen God..always idolised my parents, Mama(who is a doctor in Kolkata and an Enterpreneur)and now its you.

So, it would be great of you, if I can ever get an appointment to see you.I am an Investment Banker by profession working as a Business Analyst. I don’t know whether I fit for any role as Mindtree Minds.But, my dream will come true, once if I can Meet you.
Thanks again Sir, for all your inspirational blogs and books.

Shantanu Das

Subroto Bagchi Says
Saturday March 12th 2011

Please send me the complete background at:

Global Village
RVCE Post Office
Bangalore 560 059

Guilherme Says
Thursday March 17th 2011

Dear Subroto,

I am now in a flight on my way back from Delhi to Sao Paulo.
Just finished reading your book which I bought in the airport on my arrival. I Left Brazil 20 days ago searching for meaning and worlds to kiss.
Even not being really a young professional your book have deeply impacted me together with all the Hindi Spirit and way of live and die…

Thank you very much for that.

In Brazil a left a group of 7 co-founders of a consultancy start up organization. A organization with the main task of co-create a collaborative culture in the business environment.
We are focused on GtM ( Go to Market Strategies ) on SME. We look for projects based on, what we call, hybrid business chain ( Social and Economical Development based on Shared Value Building.. )
After your book I would say that we help entrepreneurs to balance infrastructure development ( Physical/Body, Intellectual/Mind and Emotional/Soul )

I´ve never heard about MindTree before but a I feel like part of it…. I will goggle as soon as a I get in Brazil to find your email and get to know more about the organization.
I am really curious on how the logo created by the children looks like !!

Subroto I thing a could write a book about the “coincidences” between your story and mine, but will just list some of them bellow.

If you need any kind of support Brazil, pls let me know. I do believe we have business with the same “soul”.

Best Regards and thanks once again for adding me hope to believe and act in order to see a business world with consciousness and soul.

PS: I am turning 40 this year !!!!


1.I have moved schools for 6 times in 8 years in Brazil.
2.I lived my childhood in a country side small town of a “third word country”
3.In 1989 with 17 years old I have my first experience living abroad, in the US. ( Brought with me a apple PC computers ).
4.My first important move was like an IT Software Salesman. ( by that time not BI but EIS Executive Information System ).
5.This experience led me to strategic consulting services…
6.Had to open and run a start up in Spain back in 2000 with a home office in Barcelona supported by my wife. My first daughter we born in the “office”.
7.I love teaching, reading, travelling and starting to enjoy the writing too ! ( already co author of two books: Collaborative Strategies on Distribution Channels and Trade Marketing )
8.I have two daughters
9.I have a dream: be free and see others free to have a life based on a servant leadership.

Hope to meet you any time, any space…. BSG

Sumeet Mukherjee Says
Monday April 18th 2011

Have gone through your book “The Professional”. Am a young entrepreneur,and am really moved and hope to make necessary changes in me to move ahead.

Thanks a lot

Sumeet Mukherjee

Lingaraja Sahu Says
Monday May 16th 2011

I was not a great follower of BLOGs, but the recent reading of your book “High Performance Enterpreneur” has compelled me to follow you and your BLOG.

I really admire your current effort in admiring students, since they have the attitude – “Endless Hope” unless in adults you will find the reverse – “Hopless End” and I feel that nature and behaviour makes them understand new ideas, thoughts and eventually in due course of time they follow on those to create a new genera of professionals and enterpreneurs who can take this nation to a new height of success.

jayant misra Says
Wednesday May 25th 2011

Hi Subroto , Just read up about 75 pages of ‘Go Kiss .. ‘ . Being from Bhubaneswar myself must have made it a little more interesting for me . But want to compliment you – wonderful style – hilarious (-couldn’t let Panda down-), tragic (-played in his lap as a baby-)and laws of things (- give more to life than u take out-) nicely sticthed together. Shall finish the book at the next opportunity for sure. My best wishes –

Kingshuk Mukherji Says
Saturday May 28th 2011

Dear Subrotoda,

It was wonderful reading your blog. I have always loved the way you write and followed your columns when you wrote for Times of India. But for a while, I lost track.

Don’t know if you’d remember me, I met you at your office in Bangalore when I was resident editor of TOI in Hyderabad and then again over dinner at the Sonar Bangla in Kolkata.

This probably isn’t the place to write such things. Couldn’t help it, just gave into the temptation of reopening the lost conversation.
warm regards

Sai Prakash Says
Thursday June 16th 2011

“These days, it is so easy to lose faith”- Subroto Bagchi

This is true for the young and old alike.

Understandably, the young need to have trust and faith in our polity and culture.

But those still active in life but are in mid-age, also need to retain their faith. On one side they see the decay in the polity and on the other distinct societal trends towards absolute materialistic values.

Wonder how we handle this issue. This is specially true of
consciuous persons in age group of 45-60.

You may not remember me, but I met you with Dr Bob Hoekstra
a few years ago about our Training Centre near Anekal. I am now the Convener of the CSR Panel of CII- Karnataka. My favourite project is placement training for engineering students under affirmative action which we have initited last year.

D K Chaturvedi Says
Wednesday July 27th 2011

Sir, I sometimes wonder “When will you speak something, i’ll not agree with”.
Love you.

Wednesday November 16th 2011

My buddy recommended I might like this blog. He was fully right. This blog post actually made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had put in for this information! Thanks!

Thursday June 7th 2012

Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

Thursday May 8th 2014

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