Book Reading At The Launch Of The Professional

I can assure you that you have not read anything quite like it from an Indian entrepreneur so far and it will make you think, admire, laugh and sometimes wonder, why does it have to be so difficult to build businesses in countries like ours?

All of you who regularly visit this blog, own a piece of me.

I must thank you for your engagement, your endorsements and critique.

As we start a new year, here is something that you will feel happy to look at: it is the reading of The Professional at the launch of the book in the hands of Mr. Ratan Tata in Mumbai. In this video, you can listen to me read from the first and the last chapter of the book.

Simply FlyWhile The Professional, within weeks of its release, has sold out its first edition and seems to have touched many people, I am really excited about another book as we begin the new year.

It is Simply Fly by my friend Captain Gorur Gopinath and it is due to be launched on January 15th at Bangalore. Gopi had asked me to read the manuscript and I was spellbound with his scholarship, storytelling and the entrepreneurship lessons woven into poetic prose.

I believe his book should go to every home in the Indian sub-continent where a child is being raised. So, do look out for Gopi’s book. I can assure you that you have not read anything quite like it from an Indian entrepreneur so far and it will make you think, admire, laugh and sometimes wonder, why does it have to be so difficult to build businesses in countries like ours?

After all, entrepreneurs are nation-builders too!

Tuesday January 12th 2010

How many entrepreneurs have that vision in this country to build the nation.Selfish and myopic approach resulting in developing ordinary entrepreneurs and professionals in India.We need reforms in all spheres

Ram Ramakrishnan Says
Thursday January 14th 2010

Mr. Subroto Bagchi- I read your book “The Professional” today and must tell you that I did not get the feeling to keep it down until I finished reading it cover to cover. I used the “white space” today & finished it at one go. I consider this as another book I should keep refering whenever I need some information.The other book I keep refering is “Winning” by Jack Welch. I have a book presented by you during the WLP program at Wipro in 2007 which has the inspiring statement writtend & siged by you “In each one of us, there is so much potential, so much greatness-all that we need is to take the first step..Sd (Subroto Bagchi). I referred this and read it many times in the last 12+ years and really is an inpirational statement for me.

Ram Ramakrishnan
Vice President-Facilities Management

Abhishek Says
Monday January 18th 2010

Hi Sir,

I had the opportunity to capture the learnings from your learnings in “The Professional”. I really find it quite interesting anda good read for all.

Though I have a difference of opinion with reference to number of job changes in ten years.I believe that many a times company / specific companies are not working on talent development or the definition of talent is restricted to the people believe as thinkers and not the doers. My statistics are slightly better and have spend more than 50% of time (5 years)in a leading Indian organisation having mutual respect for employees was one of the key reason to stay & continue till my seniors supported my decision of change in best interest.

There is a long way for companies operating in some sector to come up the curve and meet employee expectation as well.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Bisen

Wednesday January 20th 2010

Dear Sir,

With DataQuest Nov -09 issue highlighting Bhubaneswar as the World’s next best Offshore location.Surrogating the fact is World Bank & International Finance Corporation report as Bhubaneswar as third best city to start a Business post Ludhiana & Hyderabad.( once you give your email id I can send across the attachments )

It’s high time we All need to nurture the Ideas of Bhubaneswar to make it big as Brand Bangalore by 2020, By initiating multiple Business Plans/ inititives within our Employer Companies to create a Business & Value Proposition of opening their center in Bhubaneswar.

I am religiously following with Wipro with great intensity and sincerity to do the same by Building multiple Business Plans to kick off the Business Units and Practice. I need your co-operation and help on this regard to make it a mass movement. Kindly let me know if any other of our Alumini is also acting in the same line so that we can collaborate to make it bigger, better and beautiful.

It’s may be a herculean task, but as said Taj Mahal was not built in a day. If we increase Orissa Visibility All will Benefit in terms of Personal & Professional space for our next generation….Just what is now missing out to have new Muthyis , Premjis , Ambanis or Dhonis of Orissa to make it visible in India map by having a Roadmap 7 Blueprint and bit of Risk Taking Ability.

Target 2020 – Highest GDP & Developed state of India so that the Miracle State of 2010 as highlighted by Times of India become a Sustainable n Realistic State by 2020

It would be highly Appreciated to know your Views/ Opinions or Insights on the same.

Cheers – Satya

karthick Says
Wednesday January 20th 2010

sir,i have just now started reading your “The High Performance Entrepreneur” and i have read your book “go kiss the world”…its very inspiring for me to read your u in 2018 when i will be one of “The High Performance Entrepreneur “.

Saptarshi Basu Says
Sunday January 31st 2010

Dear Sir, Recently I had gone through ur book “Go and Kiss the World” and presently reading your recent release “The Professional”. I am just moved, no words are there in my collection to transform it into writting. I am coming from a very middle class and conservative Benagali family, where I had learned the very basic family values and at the same time, it is also injected into our mind that don’t cross the limits of your dream, maximum a Govt “9 to 5” jobs and get prepared for the world war. But I had dared to see the big dreams and came out from the traditional thinking. It helps me to grow and now i am little bit successful, but your both books are helping me to see much more bigger dreams and hope that I will able to grow furhter and your suggestions in the book will be instrumental to grow me further. Thanks for all the suuport once again.

Devdatta Bhattacharyya Says
Tuesday February 2nd 2010

Dear Sir,
I am reading your book, “The Professional”, I have reached till “Managing Volume”. I am so touched, so so touched.I have been an avid reader of your articles and speeches, but never quite grabbed a book written by you. But now after reading “The Professional” I am just eagerly waiting to read the other two books ASAP. “Teh Professional” changed my viewpoint, gave me strength to fight out my interbal conflicts, it has given me the confidence to be proud about my personal value systems, and not to be intimidated by anyone to compromise with the, it had convinced me to put to practise so many things, it has taught me so many things. I read the lines again and again. I was left thinking at times, pondering , groping for an answer, get backmy lost confidence, got the boost to start all over sgain, be more assertive. I used to be little awkward about my view that I could not never see shades of grey when it came to ethics and I was demeaned, reprimanded in some previous organization where I have worled with. And finally I had to part ways left with no other choice. And it’s not pretty long back. Your book spoke my mind, my lost confidence. Your articles, whichever I read, always had a long lasting impact on me, and here came teh book which changed my life.

Thanks a tonne for bringing it in,


Rakesh Vashishta Says
Monday February 15th 2010

Dear Subroto,
It was a treat to listen to you on this video. It has definitely expanded my definition of a “Professional”.
I have read all your books and one day aspire to meet you in person.
Best regards,
Rakesh Vashishta

Pawan Says
Thursday February 18th 2010

Dear Subroto
The Professional is for anybody who is alive, even a child or an infant……….It is all about modeling the behaviour that you value the most. I am gifting this book to all the new hires who joins my organization as the part of spirit and letter. When the spirit comes in form of examples and experiences of the life which everybody can identify with themselves………What else is required ?
I am really very happy the way it is written and in future if you wish to take the experiences from the field too, i too would love to contribute to the making of the professional of the young work force………
Thank you
Pawan Mordani

Kusala Rajendran Says
Sunday February 21st 2010

The girl in the hospital with her leg amputed is my friend’s daughter and is like my daughter.I met her yesterday too, and she was all smiles and at one point told me that it was all a freak accident and said it was all right and asked me not to worry. I am yet to see in my life with full of experiences, people like her and her boy friend, who has immense mental power. Your bolg captured it all.

Roja K Says
Thursday February 25th 2010

A real story about a girl with colorful dreams… very well narrated.Anything can happen anytime…courage to take things head on and succeed is what keeps us going in life…a very nice blog…nice thoughts narrated from heart

Thursday April 1st 2010

Phenomenal, better than all the posts of mine, together.
I am a fan. Please keep writing.

pradip Guha Thakurta Says
Tuesday May 25th 2010

I have read all your books.I also regularly read your articles in Forbes.
You write very well.

Arvin Vinesh Monie Says
Wednesday June 2nd 2010

The whole theme was very realastic..
can visualise the whole thing..

I got the message that Whatsoever happens in life, its totally under our control and it depends on how we take the challenge..

Its a good one… Do Write more…

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