Even the image of motherland is a mirage!
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August 2008

dr. Shekhar Gupta Says
Wednesday October 7th 2009

Dear Mr.Bagchi,

Hi, When My Book Seller recommended Go And Kiss the World, for a must read, I was forced to read this. It was indeed an experience and I started forcing others to go for it. I have had few occasions of visitng Orissa when My borhter was working there fpr constructingthe National Highway and it was liking revisitng those places again.

The Professional was a confessional buy at the Mumbai Airport on 28th September and the way the Professionalism was defined and redefined and it gives us an insight on how and what are the values that define a true professional.
Some of the expereinces are really tocuhy and makes you think for a while.

Thank you once again for taking to write such wonderful books and also articles in Forbes India and ET for the benefit of those aspiring professionals all over the globe.

Also you have acknowledged about Kush Desai and bu thw way do you mean Mr Kush Desai of Apar with whom I happen to work



Rangarajan Says
Friday July 9th 2010

Hi Mr.Garderner,

I read your book (Go, Kiss the world) recently. I am very much impressed with the following line .

We all have some talent in us be it singing,writing,.. , if we nurture and cherish it, it makes our life fuller

Thanks a lot for writing a excellent book

Kannan Says
Sunday August 14th 2011

Dear Sir,

Thanks so much for putting your experiences and thoughts so lucidly through your books.

I happened to read your books, (Go, Kiss the world, The Professional, High Performance Entrepreneur) etc.

I also search and read your articles from time to time in the web.

Your flair for writing is unparalleled and the lovely inputs that you provide in a subtle manner are truly encouraging and would certainly make people to think twice before doing improper things.


Anand Kahirnar Says
Thursday August 25th 2011

Dear Subrotojee,

Your excellency,you are a true Gardner!!!!!

Each word from ‘Go kiss the world’ is touching,encouraging!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing the real life lessons.

The most we like are………Do not Retire in life…..& how to face & overcome the worst to worst situations in life!!!

I have attended leadership interaction session Innovision-2010(CII Chennai Trade centre)in presence of you & delighted with your rich leadership experience.

We wish you a healthy & long life.

The Best Regards,
Anand & Dr.Trupti Khairnar Trivandrum

Mohit Says
Monday October 24th 2011

Dear Sir,
I am currently reading your book Professional.I find this book extra-ordinary and i am short of words to praise the master piece.My only wish if i have read this book bit earlier in my life,Could have avoided some major mistakes which i did professionally.
Thanks & regards
Mohit Sachdeva

Dr.G.Veerakumaran Says
Thursday November 24th 2011

Dear Sir, Greetings from Gods Own Country, Recently my friend Prof.Philip Sabu has asked me to read the book ‘The Professional’. I read it at once and started using it for imbibing the values to our students. It is a must read for all.

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