A Meeting With Prem

Meet Prem Kumar. Prem has a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin and a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from SVCE, University of Madras. Prem started his career at AMD in Austin, Texas as a Senior Design Engineer. His rise at AMD was rapid. He worked there developing a new technology called sleep transistors that increases the life of batteries in laptops. Then one day he came back to India, not to do the beaten stuff; but to start a media company. His company, Growth Mechanics Infomedia, publishes The Smart CEO magazine. Recently, I had a great conversation with Prem. If you have the time, have a look at this link.

Very soon, thanks to Vivek Mansingh at the Ford Foundation, I will connect you to a great source of uplifting stories of Ford Foundation fellows who are raising the quality of life in the underserved sector of human development in India. You will simply love it!

Hrithik Dattani Says
Friday May 10th 2013

Very inspiring…

Tuesday May 28th 2013

Eagerly awaiting the release of The Elephant Catchers….

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