4th Convocation Address by Subroto Bagchi at the LNM Institute of Information Technology

Tuesday November 16th 2010

Dear Mr Bagchi,
I write on behalf of a Bangalore based NGO called Junglescapes. We work with communities that live around forests in eco-conservation activities. One of the innovative projects that we are running now is called the “Surrogate carbon credit” program where GE is the sponsor. This project is aimed specifically at Knowledge industries and provides a socially meaningful low-cost model to offset their carbon footprint. I would like to send the details of the project to you and seek your feedback. Kindly let me have an email id where I can send this.
Best Regards,
Ramesh Venkataraman

debu Says
Wednesday November 17th 2010

“go kiss the world” and “the professional”r extremely class books.

Roopsha Says
Wednesday November 17th 2010

Dear Sir,

I have just begun reading your book – The Professional and I’m truly enjoying every word.

As of now, there’s one copy error (Pg 55) where the ‘n’ is missing in the word ‘month’ and I just thought of letting u know.
Thanking you for writing such a great book (bible)for us.

    Subroto Bagchi Says
    Tuesday November 30th 2010

    Thank you Roopsha, will let Penguin know.

Kaushik Chatterjee Says
Wednesday November 17th 2010

Dear Sir,

It’s been an absolute pleasure reading your publications over the years and assimilating their messages. The LNM convocation address was simply brilliant. It’s a no-brainer which quadrant most of us belong to and also where some of us would like to move.

Thank you for being such an inspiration. Wish you all the very best in your endeavours. Am hoping there is some way for folks outside Mindtree to connect with you and enrich ourselves with your experience and insights:)!

Best regards,

Geetha Chandar Says
Thursday November 18th 2010

Dear Gardener,

Thank you for the very powerful messages in this awesome speech. They certainly show us “A Better Way to Live.”

These especially are absolute gems:

“Among other things, obsessive love for your platform invariably creates deafness.” (What a “deadly embrace” this can be!)

“Destiny does not leave you a voicemail message.”

“Life is a snakes and ladders game.”

“In life’s difficult moments, do not lose heart. When fire or flood ravages your garden, like the humble gardener, gently go back to your work.”

And what Henry van Dyke had said really applies to all the great people who operate from a High Platform and have High Purpose too:

“There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.”

May their tribe increase and may altruistic love continue to flourish!

Thanks and regards,


Prashant Says
Tuesday November 23rd 2010

Please try to add a video section on your blog where you can publish your lectures in visual format.

Ujjwal Konar Says
Wednesday November 24th 2010

Respected Subroto,

I see this convocation address is one of the best for Indian students.

Steve Job’s historic Stanford commencement speech (in the year 2005) was for matured students who are more or less aware of the four quadrants of life. And this address so meaningful to young (and not so matured) Indian students.

I found one typo in your convocation note. Ratan Tata shifted his Nano plant from Singur to Sanand and not from Nandigram (as mentioned in the convocation note).

With best regards,

Friday November 26th 2010

The speech was absolutely delightful…

Satyam Arora Says
Monday November 29th 2010

Dear Sir,

One of the projects that we at Axis Bank have embarked upon is the articulation of the key competencies for Axis Bank employees.These competencies (known as Axis Leadership Practices) are the essential set of behaviors that each leader must depict in their day to day dealings with peers, customers and their teams.While these competencies have been identified, the next big task is communicating these competencies to our 25000 employees internally.These employees serve the Bank’s customers across the length and breadth of the country and abroad.

One way to communicate these competencies is to define each of them in simple English sentences and present it to the employees.However, we fear that this might reduce these competencies into unimpacting messages without striking a chord with any of the employees.Hence, we have decided to showcase these competencies through the real life stories of leaders and transformers who have changed the way India and the world sees and does things.

We believe that through the powerful medium of real life stories of imminent personalities, which will be published in the form of a leadership manual(for internal publication) we will be able to put across the real meaning of the various competencies in a much more heart touching manner.

With this objective in mind we request you to spare a few moments and give us an opportunity to hear you story of innovation, transformation and relentless hard work and reproduce the same in our internal leadership manual.

We will be keen to have a short telecon with you any day/ time of you convenience.

Looking forward to a positive revert .

Warm regards,

Satyam Arora

Subroto Bagchi Says
Tuesday November 30th 2010

The man you want to profile is Harish Hande of SELCO, not me.

Ajay Singh Says
Monday December 13th 2010

great speech sir

shashikala Says
Friday September 16th 2011

I am reading your book “THE PROFESSIONAL”. I can clearly figure out what mistakes i have done in past. Thanks a lot for giving your master peice.

Wednesday February 22nd 2012

Dear Sir,
I have almost finished reading the Book “The Professional” and am really amazed at your writing skills and the quality of the content. Once I open the book I just can’t stop reading. I feel not only working people but everyone should read the book and imbibe those values in their personal as well as professional life. It has what every parent would like their children to follow.
I am looking forward to read your other books as well. Please do keep writing such beautiful books, it’s a great contribution to the society as well.
Wish you all the best!!!

Anita Kalia

Indira Namboodiripad Says
Wednesday May 16th 2012

Sir, We had met at Amrita University. I had introduced my daughters too. I just finished reading Go Kiss the World. I was reminded of my dad when I was reading it.
I remember asking my dad how come a novice to the world of taxes could amass such wealth( had two flats, cars etc),while we were kind of struggling. (I cant complain because my brother and I were sent to the best schools.)
His reply was you will be benefited from my honesty. People will help you even if I am not around. That is what precisely that has happened. I am reaping what he had sown in the terms of relationships and values. People scorn values and relationships. I think they make our lives easy.

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